This semi-fictional movie portrays the german soccer player Franz Beckenbauer. It shows the ups and downs of being a superstar.

This semi-fictional movie portrays the german soccer player Franz Beckenbauer. It shows the ups and downs of being a superstar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron C (ag) wrote: Decent movie could've been better

Jordan P (mx) wrote: Annabelle offers its self-titled inanimate plaything a chance to shine in the spotlight, but leaves her stranded in somewhat of an unsatisfying showcase that serves up some inventive scares in service of a dull storyline that pales in comparison to her much scarier supporting work in The Conjuring.

Alexander Y (es) wrote: Dana Brown is a master. This is one of the best sports docs out there. It's an adrenaline rush with a lot of human interest.

Natalee K (de) wrote: ... he was only human, but with this uncanny ability to reflect and refract our humanity back at us.

t w (nl) wrote: Its a OK movie not as good as the first. The Monkey has more camera time in this movie and the Singer chick comes back after everything that hapened in the first movie.But the end fight is pretty cool.

Jonathan I (kr) wrote: There's something strangely powerful about this movie. You're just riding along through the colorful lives of these characters--caught also by the union organizer's guts--then suddenly Norma makes her grand stand and you somehow can't look away. You're just there, crying through the triumphs.Theme song "It Goes Like It Goes" is gorgeous and rightfully deserved its Oscar, in my opinion. This film is unique in how it was made and what it portrays.

Michael D (gb) wrote: The futuristic vehicle that the main cast rides around in here is the only reason to see this dreadful nuclear-wasteland flick with awful special effects! Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep while trying to watch this one!

Al M (kr) wrote: We know what is going to happen during the Stones' infmaous 1969 free concert at Altamount, and Gimme Shelter becomes so powerful partly because this attempt to capture a band on tour become a documentary about something much more disturbing. A film about a film, Gimme Shelter opens with the Stones watching the documentary that would have been released had events unfolded differently. We the viewers see two different things happening as we watch Gimme Shelter. We see the actual events leading up to and comprising the Altamont concert, but we also see the Stones and the filmmakers trying to make sense of what they caught on camera. And, ultimately, Gimme Shelter's title is rather apropos because it concerns the desire to flee from the dark truths revealed to us by the camera's unflinching gaze. We see the idealism of the 1960s die on camera as the day degenerates leading up to the final act of violence. Like watching a massive car crash with awesome music, Gimme Shelter is an unforgettable experience that reaveals not only the dark side of the 1960s ideology of free love and consciousness expansion but also the dark side of human nature....

Fabio D (ru) wrote: Dizem que Churchill viu esse filme 83 vezes. Voc pode assistir pelo menos uma vez, n?

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