Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill

James Bond and his American colleague Felix Leiter arrest the drug lord Sanchez who succeeds in escaping and takes revenge on Felix and his wife. Bond knows but just one thing: revenge.

James Bond is on possibly his most brutal mission yet. Bond's good friend, Felix Leiter, is left near death, by drug baron Franz Sanchez. Bond sets off on the hunt for Sanchez, but not everyone is happy. MI6 does not feel Sanchez is their problem and strips Bond of his license to kill making Bond more dangerous than ever. Bond gains the aid of one of Leiter's friends, known as Pam Bouvier and sneaks his way into the drug factories, which Sanchez owns. Will Bond be able to keep his identity secret, or will Sanchez see Bond's true intentions? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (mx) wrote: It was good but sometimes all these kind of movies are all the same and historical inaccuracies. Most times they change things in these kind of movies but all in all it was good to a point

Karine C (ru) wrote: WOW! quel chef d'oeuvre! je n'avais vu aucun preview donc je ne savais pas trop a quoi m'attendre mais j'ai absolument adorer! Vincent Guillaume Otis et Luc Picard sont juste parfaits et celui qui joue le role du coiffeur nous fait rire sans cesse!!! A VOIR!!

Samantha S (fr) wrote: Strange movie, interesting to watch but not the kind of movie I want to re-watch. Takes a good stab at the crappy reality shows that never seem to go away.


Carly D (de) wrote: I should finish reading the book first.

Jose M (de) wrote: If memory serves right, this is a very dopey film from Stephen King. The film involves a rather incestuous mother and son that go around town to town sucking the soul from young beautiful virgins. Wow, right? Well, these are your average weirdo mom and son team because they are sleepwalkers or a mythical creature that look like, but absolutely hate cats. There are number of horror filmmakers and writers in Sleepwalkers, but there is a lack of intelligence. Oh, there is room for a lot of bad acting. Sleepwalkers have some fun moments along with a wonderful and villainous performance from Alice Krige, but this is best left with a sleeping cell in hopes of never waking up. Oh and one more comment, death by Korn?

David T (ru) wrote: I mainly wanted to see this because it was one of David S. Goyer's first screenplay credits and he went on to write bigger franchise movies such as Blade and the Christopher Nolan Batman films. At first I thought this was going to be a blatant rip off of "Child's Play" but luckily it didn't. However it was just one of those too-silly-to take-serious movies. Well duh, I mean the title "Demonic Toys" says it all. The filmmakers achieved what they wanted to achieve with this low budget direct to video but if you were expecting Child's Play or Dolls, just re-watch those films. Now if you were expecting Evil Dead II, this would come in handy but it's not as entertaining.

Barrett L (ru) wrote: = 'Enemy Mine' + 'Law & Order'

Jon C (kr) wrote: goofy, funny, colorful and quite zanyEarth gi'rls are not so easy to comprehend for these 3 aliens that land on our planet in search of beautiful womenGeena Davis in an unlikely role takes care of 3 extraterrestrials played by Carrey, Goldblum and Wayansthe fish-out-of-water comedy takes shape as we are used tothe movie has so many lush colors you'd swear this was a cartoon brought-to-life and the comedy is actually enjoyablethe side characters are a heap of fun, too and the aliens make quite the impressionthe music rocks even if the musical numbers themselves seem at times insufferablethis is still very much a fun, whimsy space comedy with a dash of 1980's cheese factor

Alberto L (kr) wrote: Eccentric and well written. A humorous look to the human vices.

Steven J (us) wrote: It's dedication to it's subject matter makes it one of the most accurate depictions of racing ever seen in a film, but it does sacrifice plot and character development for it's admirable goal. An interesting film but is best seen by racing fans.

Iowa B (mx) wrote: Except the ending scene which is really something..well... the cinematic language is non-existent, symbols are gathered and thrown almost randomly and all of this has a feeling of a wacky circus out of control we are forced to witness: at the beginning is fun, but than it grows more and more exhausting

Mark C (mx) wrote: A steaming pile of dung; one of the most overrated films of all time! #Awful

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Thought this was well done. Adventurous and entertaining.

Garry B (br) wrote: Should have been much better. A predictable love triangle with a horribly underwritten role for Emily Browning. Dominic Cooper's boorish character is one I'd cross the road to avoid, but all the film characters seem mysteriously drawn to as "he's a genius". Unsatidfying