Liefling die Movie

Liefling die Movie

Liefling Marais, is an adventure-loving young girl with a passion for life. She lives on a farm in Hartbeespoort with her father Simon, mother Linda, grandfather Karel, brother Kobus and ...

Liefling Marais, is an adventure-loving young girl with a passion for life. She lives on a farm in Hartbeespoort with her father Simon, mother Linda, grandfather Karel, brother Kobus and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (jp) wrote: Complete and utter pig spunk. From the outset the characters are a bunch of unlikeable cunts. It also resorts to the modern day horrors obsession with loud music accompanying any attempt at a jump. Which all are predictable and not particularly scary. The Bye Bye Man himself looks like a homeless dude. To top it all off the main storyline has a bit of a feel of Candyman about it. Avoid.

Nathan H (br) wrote: Carried by the incredible story and music, this is a rewarding film

Stephanie B (us) wrote: Incredibly disturbing.

Vinicius B (kr) wrote: Com uma estria de tirar o flego, "Paradise Now" um filme inteligente e que consegue causar tenso sem mostrar nada de explcito.

Matt B (br) wrote: has some funny moments but overall couldn't of been better

Derek M (gb) wrote: Very artsy. For never hearing of this movie ... this movie isn't bad. Sienna Miller played the part Vry well!

Kevin M (gb) wrote: Some amazing, artistic visuals with great surrealist and abstract themes! Unfortunately they are delivered in a self conscious fashion. When one glances further at the reflection of Mirrormask, then what becomes apparent is a lack of depth to character development and a lacklustre plot that leaves a pallid streak across the glass. The immersion is completely shattered by the disjointed and intrusive Jazz soundtrack that breaks through Mirrormask like a brick. This film could have delivered far more, but unfortunately it is a pale reflection of far greater fantasy works. When fully framed this mirror is more akin to a surgical mirror than one of magic, yes there is skill and talent involved, all the right elements are stitched together, unfortunately the scars are visible for all to see.

Brett A (nl) wrote: Cuba did a really good job with this. A good feel good flick

Jeremy B (au) wrote: Truly brilliant, gorgeous documentary. Informative and provocative without saying a word. If you eat food, see it.

Richard B (br) wrote: Oh no, the Germans have sunk a ship, or maybe Walter Slezak might have done that.9 people get stuck on a boat for days and days and days, as Tallulah Bankhead is bossy and stroppy, William Bendix is poor without a leg, and Walter Slezak is fantastic as the dastardly Willy.It might be Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece you might want to watch on DVD or Blu-Ray or whatever technology you might want to pick.

Chris W (au) wrote: This was Hitchcock's final film, and, as far as this sort of thing goes, I suppose it could have been worse.The plot is a convoluted and sometimes confusing lighthearted mystery romp involving 'psychics', kidnapping, ransom, and, of course, the dead (or presumed to be). It's not as funny as maybe it should be, and, while I am okay with humor, I think this might have been far more effective and interesting if it was played darker and more serious. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting stuff, but I think it could have been even more so if done differently.I liked Karen Black and Bruce Dern, and, while the not as notable cast (at that time) are fine, I think this would have been better if it had some major star power behind it. The music by John Williams is pretty good, and the film has a nice look to it, but I can just tell that Hitch was probably not trying all that hard here. I know it's cliche to rant about the dip in quality of his later work, but all things considered, this could have been far, far worse.This might be lesser Hitch, but it's still kinda decent, so sure, give it a watch.

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: Stephen King's story gets a once over but very little more as this adaptation is all about the fireworks. But once it's time for that ... hooboy, do things heat up plenty fast. George C. Scott is a smoothly contemptible villain as well.