Life and Debt

Life and Debt

Documentary look at the effects of globalization on Jamaican industry and agriculture.

Documentary look at the effects of globalization on Jamaican industry and agriculture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leanne K (mx) wrote: I didn't know whether or not this film was meant to be taken seriously. I thought it was a bit ridiculius, but I like Tom Jane, so I watched it till the end.

Timeen (br) wrote: The edge of my seat.......It was a true story of a women trying to smuggle drugs to the US...had my hands were sweating for her good to watch

Rick A (us) wrote: Movie tried to be something it wasn't. Tried to hard to be male bonding, mid-life crisis, etc.

Hugo S (au) wrote: LOLO (1993)dir. Jean-Claude Lauzoncast. Maxime Collin, Ginette Reno, Pierre BourgaultI am not sure if I liked this film. But I know its a good movie. Its about escapism. A kid alters the world around him with his imagination not to go mad like half of his family.Jean-Claude Lauzon has an interesting vision of his main character but I have to say I am not sure his trashy poetry can be sold as something a kid would imagine. There are some great moments though, filled with such imagination you cannot not enjoy the thought.Maxime Collin as the little Lolo is quite convincing even in the most awkward moments he doesnt back down. Ginette Reno as his mom is very good even if she has very little screen time.At one point in the film Lolo walks in the street with his body-builder brother. They meet up with some dude who used to bully them, Lolo thinks his brotehr will kick the bully's ass but memories of childhood freeze him and he gets beaten up, crying like a big fat baby on the ground. There is something very touching about that moment, very primal, it kind of made the film way better for me.Lolo doesnt really have a plot, its simply about the character's imagination. Many good stuff, and lots of naughty stuff as well that we could have gone without but its definitely a good film.

Private U (it) wrote: Its just a wonderful film!

James C (es) wrote: When four friends start playing a fantasy role-playing game they soon realise that one of their number is getting far too involvedMade during the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, this drama acts as a cautionary tale of how role-playing games can become an unhealthy obsession for certain people. The story moves along quite well, but as this movie is more of a character study, there are times where you are wishing for something to happen. The actors all play their roles well, and Tom Hanks' portrayal of the emotionally scarred Robbie shows what a good actor he was destined to become. As this is a character based drama, there is no gore and really no action as it follows the kids and how they deal when one of their friends becomes ill. All in all this is an ok movie, but as this was made when there were a lot of people afraid of the effects of playing Dungeons & Dragons, it really doesn't have the same effect now, and is viewed more as a curiosity.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Unusual horror /sci fi/ crime flick that sort of defies description.

John W (ag) wrote: The Carry on team on full form. Makes the Richard Burton Cleopatra seem very dull. They used the same sets and costumes for both films...

Michael M (jp) wrote: No brainer. Both Clint and Malkovich are suberb. This is an excellent movie that I hope never gets the remake treatment as it's perfect just the way it is.