Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

A one-day journey of four different people struggling in the city of Mumbai. One with vengeance, one on a mission, one with hope and one looking to con.

A one-day journey of four different people struggling in the city of Mumbai. One with vengeance, one on a mission, one with hope and one looking to con. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (es) wrote: Brutal, gripping and violent, with the always outstanding O'Connell

Robert B (nl) wrote: The Haunting of Helena (Christian Bisceglia and Ascanio Maglarini, 2012)There are some truly arresting scenes in The Haunting of Helena, the kind of risky stylistic choices that, done correctly, can go a long way towards making or breaking a movie. For example, the scene where Helena (Sabrina Jolie Perez in her only screen role to date) is sitting at one of those brightly-colored little-kid desks. There's nothing much else in the room, which is odd and does not ring true and contributes about a mountain's worth of atmosphere. Then something falls and clatters off the desk, and this begins a rain of bloody teeth as Helena scrambles under the desk. It's a pretty amazing visual, and little scenes like that, were they correctly integrated with the rest of the movie, would have made this an overlooked little gem. As it is, however, they make it an interesting, if ultimately failed, experiment that still manages to be worth watching for little things like that that crop up once in a while.Plot: Helena and her mother, Sofia (Smile's Harriet MacMasters-Green), move into a lovely old home. Dad (The Passion of the Christ's Jarreth J. Merz) is out of the picture, so the two of them are on their own. Everything goes swimmingly until Helena loses her first tooth. (Soon after, Sofia has a rather terrifying vision that you would think would make her put more stock in what her daughter is saying, but no luck.) She starts talking about a tooth fairy who comes to visit her demanding teeth, to the point where she starts buying teeth from kids at school...and paying them in rare coins that seem to have been mysteriously conjured out of nowhere. Sofia, determined to find a rational explanation for all of this, draws in an ever-widening circle of doctors, psychologists, and even her ex, while Helena continues to insist that there is indeed a supernatural explanation.The movie's main drawback, which more than counteracts the main strength above, is that you have seen it before (even the Tooth Fairy angle has been covered by at least two movies I can think of off the top of my head in the past decade). Bisceglia and Maglarini did nothing new with the story; it struck me that they were relying on a series of arresting images to carry the film, rather than attempting to push any envelopes. To their credit, said images can be very arresting, and the film is beautifully-shot. If that's enough for you, it's worth checking out, but it probably shouldn't be at the top of your list. ** 1/2

Raghu S (kr) wrote: This movie is not about sci-fi but about how aliens are actually satan in disguise and how they are trying to prevent us from accepting Jesus in our lives. By accepting Jesus apparently all problems go away.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: *****Tom Cruise stars in this excellent, pulse pounding Science Fiction thriller directed Steven Spielberg. Everything about this film is brilliant. Tom Cruise gives a great performance, the direction from Spielberg is neat, and the story and concept are legitimately thought provoking.

Jamie R (br) wrote: Consider Jean-Pierre Jeunet a french Wes Anderson. You may love the wacky antics depicted in this pitch-black comedy, or be confused why anyone would be entertained by it. I myself am in the former category.

Wesley B (us) wrote: I'm not really much of a U2 fan. I like some of their songs but never really followed them. This was a nice documentary though. I thought it was pretty good overall. I liked the way the concert scenes were filmed. Doing it in black and white was a nice touch too. Interesting snap shot of them in 1987.

Alijandro C (jp) wrote: 'Eve and the Handyman' is probably the most 'random' Russ Meyer film I have seen, if not one of the most random films I have seen overall! I really liked the weird narration, and thought some parts were very artistically done. Very strange film indeed, but a good watch, especially really late at night/early morning!

Brian B (mx) wrote: This is still a four star movie. Not as well put together as the others but by no stretch a failure.

Private U (mx) wrote: This was really interesting and surprisingly good. Not quite what I expected, in a good way!

Maddy L (ru) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and whitty dialogue along with incredible characters. A must-see for anyone who has ever been through a tough relationship.