Life on the Line

Life on the Line

A crew of men who do the high-wire work of fixing the electrical grid are hit by a sudden deadly storm.

Aiming to shine a light on overlooked heroes of the modern age, the film follows a crew of men doing the high-wire work of fixing the electrical grid who are hit by a sudden deadly storm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (au) wrote: Fabrice Luchini, hardly ever goes wrong. One star. Ile de Re, one and a half star. Half a star for the hilarious moments with the wanna-be-porn-star, the bikes without brakes and the jacuzzi-monster.

David M (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies I have watched.Ended up skipping most of it. Nothing really happens. Don't waste your time.

Alicia M (ag) wrote: Hilarious situational comedy!

Ryan R (br) wrote: Struggles to find it's position on whether or not it's a narrative or documentary. Not really a fan.

Jodie J (de) wrote: such a frustrating film

Nived N (fr) wrote: Omkara is the best Indian celluloid adaptation of William Shakespeare's ''Othello'' after Suresh Gopi's grim yet fantastic Malayalam flick ''KALIYATTAM'' (SURESH GOPI & MANJU WARRIOR, JOSE) decades ago. The only difference between these two films are that KALIYATTAM had the cultural Kathakali politics while OMKARA is set against political satire of UP. We all have read this tragic plot so we are aware about the next but Vishal Bharadwaj's screenplay doesn't spoonfed the audience, instead he plunges along with the characters. In other words, the film is totally unpredictable which is the real star. The casting is film's masterstroke, AJAY DEVGAN & KAREENA KAPOOR performs effortless in the portrayal of Omkara and Dolly Mishra investing true sincerity in it. SAIF ALI KHAN is Exceptionally brilliant as the evil Langda Tyagi, He takes a giant stride as an actor.KONKONA SEN SHARMA is incredible as the sharp-mouth Indu Tyagi, She makes an entry in commercial Bollywood Cinema with this flick with wider recognition. Even VIVEK OBEROI makes a strong impression but tends to get loud sometimes. BIPASHA BASU sizzles in the ''Beedi jalaile'' track and makes her presence feel. There is one more talent which you can't take off your eyes that is DEEPAK DOBRIYAL as Langda's tail Mental. Music by VISHAL BHARADWAJ is youth appealing despite folk in culture. DIALOGUE too is full of slang but really doesn't matter when we are able to bear Hollywood's harsh language, why can't we tolerate this!!!!!Overall OMKARA is dark, disturbing yet a witty film with super-performance. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Canem C (ru) wrote: blaaaah...just a few funny things and dialogues, and the rest totally sucks...

Donovan S (gb) wrote: Sure, some critics argue that this film is cliche in more ways than one, but for "Above the Rim" to work, it really had to be. Shakur and Martin deliver excellent performances in one of my all-time favorite sport flicks.

TheScarlatescu R (ag) wrote: so '90s ... and I must say the story resembles TOP GUN !

Adam W (kr) wrote: Patrick Swayze and a Hulk hogan lookalike hack and slash their way through most of the cast until Hogan gets bumped off leaving Swayze to kill them all himself.Somewhere in the middle of it all is a morale which i couldnt find.

Zach M (fr) wrote: This was a great sci-fi movie from director Tobe Hooper.A great story about alien vampires that get brought to earth and then wreak havoc on citizens in London.

Joanna B (au) wrote: Poor. Not worth watching.

Bill M (nl) wrote: Extremely deep "talent pool."

Kilo D (nl) wrote: Bergman claims "Winter Light" to be the only one of his movies to be perfect from start to end. It is a well shot, acted and an uneasy experience that thrives on seeming simple but in fact is one of Bergman's more challenging efforts (maybe not for believers . . .)

Timothy P (de) wrote: Interesting plot. Substandard technique which gets hailed as avant-garde. Probably more a 8/10, but my love for the remake propelled it up.

John P (gb) wrote: I remember watching this with my dad as a kid.

Noname (es) wrote: I have always enjoyed to watch Mr Bean. This new one have some fun moments but the old serie is much better.. The movie starts great tho but loose the fun factor after a while. But every Mr Bean fan will probably wanna see it.

Cliff J (es) wrote: When inebriated, this movie essentially involves lots of quiet and well dressed British men walking in and out of rooms. Also, there's a mole. Pretty, though.

Private U (nl) wrote: well .. haven't heard of this.. anyways... ^o^

Matthew H (de) wrote: Maid in Manhattan is a completely predictable, sappy farce, and an okay one at that, but it is memorable. Fiennes and Lopez don't have such good chemistry, but the direction isn't horrible; the flaws in the movie are mostly the fault of the clichd story.