Life Partners

Life Partners

A 29-year-old lawyer and her lesbian best friend experience a dramatic shift in their longtime bond after one enters a serious relationship

Sasha and Paige are co-dependent friends. One of them is a true girl and the other is a less. Onday, a man named Paige appears between them and the their friendship is tested for the first time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan M (gb) wrote: "Muppets Most Wanted" felt wobbly, but it's satisfying.

Jana S (ca) wrote: Afghan version of American Idol. A female contestant risks her life to express the human spirit through dance.

Mark H (de) wrote: Great script, great cast and beautiful cinematography.The story is so stark. As another reviewer commented here, your heart will be ripped from chest and burnt.This is a movie that will stay with you.

Leena L (au) wrote: harmless little romantic thing on the sea shore. nothing much to it but enjoyable anyhow.

Matti K (kr) wrote: Nice plot, but I just couldn't stay awake.. :(

Bill M (gb) wrote: Michel Blanc is a ringer for Armin Shimerman. Distracting.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Born to Kill. From director Stanley Kubrick comes the nihilistic Vietnam War film Full Metal Jacket. The story follows a marine as he goes through basic training and does a tour in Nam as a war correspondent for Stars and Stripes. Unfortunately the storytelling is weak and disjointed, and uses randomly inserted voice-over, delivered ham-fistedly by Matthew Modine, to try to tie everything together. None of the performances are especially good, aside from R. Lee Ermey; whose performance as a drill sergeant has become iconic. However, Kubrick's directing is impressive, and features some incredibly evocative imagery. Yet without a compelling story, Full Metal Jackets ends up falling flat.

Simon P (es) wrote: Deliciously tasteless '80s slasher.

Adrian B (de) wrote: According to people that I know who have read his books, Alistair MacLean novels have a tendency to be pretty formula and talky. I am not sure if that was the case with "Ice Station Zebra," but that may have been reason why this movie is a near disaster. A Soviet satellite crashes into the Arctic Ocean, of which a submarine sent with a quite a few individuals, including head Rock Hudson and Russian Ernest Borgnine. What could have been a fascinating, intense epic turned in 152 minute ordeal to watch, with nothing happening for virtually the whole film and an awful insignificant conclusion. There is not one ounce of suspense, nor interesting performance, and has so much talk that is enough send anyone into dreamland...hopefully for a better movie the next time around. Cast and everything else used are wasted. Ranks among the most boring high profile films from the 1960's.

Jamal J (fr) wrote: "The Hunger Games"...Japanese style

Michael S (kr) wrote: Despite a completely solid premise and opening half, The Possession of Michael King descends gradually into an unpleasant and overly unoriginal film about demonic possession. It has a good amount of tension at the start but that's not enough to carry it through to the end. Still I'd be interested to see more from this Director (david Jung) and Actor Shane Johnson

Vince K (ag) wrote: I usually hate all old movies, because they look horrible and fucking suck (probably the only 2 I like before my year of birth in 1978 are The Godfather and Last House on the Left). But if you saw Juno, you'll remember where Jason Bateman and Ellen Page argue about horror films, and he puts on the classic The Wizard of Gore, and convinces her it's the best gore film ever. I've wanted to see it ever since. It's definitely not the best gore film ever, I've seen hundreds of better ones from the last 40 years since this was released in 1970, but it must've been the best one at the time. The story follows a creepy magician, who does this great illusion on stage where he seemingly brutally butchers a woman in front of the audience. She appears fine after, only later to succumb to her wounds when she leaves. It's great how he gets volunteers up on stage, he's all like "which one of you dumb bitches wants a spike through the head?" And someone's husband is always like, "Hey, my wife is a dumb bitch" and drags her up there. When he later brings her home and she falls apart, he's like "Oh well, my wife must be defective, time to get another one". A chick with a show called "Housewive's Coffee Break" (1970's answer to Ellen) becomes fascinated with the show and tries to book the magician on it. When her fiancee, a sports writer, discovers all these women are dying after the show, they both start to try to unravel the mystery. The gore is pretty good, even though all blood back then was just red paint, and you hear screaming when people's mouths are closed. But if I had seen it in 1970 I would've been floored. Also, the best "Wizard" movie - better than The Wizard of Oz and Fred Savage's 1989 Nintendo film, The Wizard.