Following the lives of firefighters as they deal with joys and hardships, both on the job and with their own personal lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Following the lives of firefighters as they deal with joys and hardships, both on the job and with their own personal lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan B (au) wrote: acting was terrible. the only way you will like this movie is if you think channing tatum is worth spending money on to check out. with the movie being titled fighting you would think that they would spice up the fighting or give you some good detailed scenes, but instead the fighting scenes were super weak. watch a real action movie not this joke.

Robyn (nl) wrote: This film, is a humane and moving story, of a woman trying to reconnect with her child and move on with her life, after being released from prison,it is quite a powerful, hopeful story of one womans battle to negotiate between her best intentions for herself and her child an the reality of what life actually makes possible

Ian B (kr) wrote: An interesting role for Bill Paxton. All of the deaths in the movie are very funny, as well as the acting and the over all quality. Worth watching for the hilarious ending.

Heri C (it) wrote: Una mezcla entre Operacion Valkirya y Dirty Dozen, con los ojos rasgados.

Eric W (es) wrote: The kookiest and silliest movie, great soundtrack!

holy c (kr) wrote: a spectral delight and a film so bizarre its mesmerizing. lush with long aerial shots of unrecognizable landscapes, this film sinks into you musically and visually.

Gurp K (fr) wrote: i love this film ,especially the whole silence and the way in which madhuri(actress) carries herself

Eric L (fr) wrote: An out of work actress got caught in a horrifying scheme by two murderous blackmailers. Good acting by Mary Steenburgen who acted as three characters.

Li K (ca) wrote: The first movie I ever remember making me cry. When Snoopy left Charlie Brown I felt like my heart was ripped out through my throat, but yay for happy endings! Despite my tears, love this one, and it shares a vhs tape with my 80s copy of The My Little Pony Movie so it got a lot of views by association.

Marc R (kr) wrote: A disturbing, claustrophobic thriller with a fantastic performance by Catherine Deneuve and eerily effective sound design and camerawork

Ken S (kr) wrote: This classic Warner Brothers musical is the third and last of 1933 to be choreographed by Busby Berkeley, and he does a bang-up job. The musical numbers are so elaborate and unique that it is amazing the man pulled all of this, "42nd Street" and "Gold Diggers of 1933" in one year. This was probably my favorite of the three films because James Cagney gives such a great performance in the leading role. He is charismatic and fast paced and holds the whole picture together, even if none of the songs are as good as "We're In the Money" or "42nd Street". Classic Hollywood in it's finest form.

Kal X A (mx) wrote: The reason many people herald this film as a cult classic is due largely to it starring two relative stars of the 1970s in it. Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour had both made well-received big-screen debuts in successful films prior to Somewhere in Time with Seymour starring as one of the most memorable Bond girls of all time, Solitaire, in Live and Let Die and Reeve becoming a household name as Superman in the original motion picture franchise. Somewhere In Time is one of those Hollywood what-if's in regards to what would have happened if it had been widely released with their being no actor's strike occurring to limit the marketing of the film. Would it still be such a cult favourite if Mr. Reeve hadn't been tragically paralyzed by a horse riding accident and was still alive and well today? Would the film have further made Jane Seymour an 80s icon without her having to appear in dozens more films and mini-series' in order to establish herself as such if the film had blossomed at the box office? We can never really know, but amidst the what-ifs and the theories, I can say that despite it being a romance film, -- a genre of which I am not a fan of -- Somewhere In Time is a decent enough film which does have noticeable flaws, however. Reeve and Seymour as Richard Collier and Elyse McKenna have considerable chemistry despite them being together on screen for less time in the film than you'd think. Collier is the time-travelling playwright from the late 1970s who has fallen in love with McKenna's photograph in the Grand Hotel, determined to woo her by any means necessary, and McKenna is the detached stage starlet who is - albeit fictional - possibly one of the few people who is more introverted than Morrissey. The film has the typical tragedy-in-disguise structure. Collier is enthralled by McKenna and learns that she was also the old lady he met at the start of the film, he spends a good amount of screen time researching her and learning how to apparently time travel back to 1912 where he meets Elyse, gets rebuffed by her, convinces her to spend a day with him in which she falls head over heels for him, for the two to finally be together for a day of two of happiness before Richard makes a mistake and is thrown back into the future where he dies from the supposed heartbreak and is reunited with Elyse's spirit in the afterlife.Both Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour give at least decent performances with the latter's being far more genuine than the former's somewhat rehashing of the Clark Kent side of Superman into a more romanticized individual who seems to have a lot he wants to say. Jane Seymour's portrayal of Elyse McKenna is far more versatile although her character always appears restrained emotionally except for her last scene set in 1912. I found it strange while watching her portrayal of Elyse McKenna, thinking that this was also the same actress who (25 years later, mind you), portrayed characters in both Wedding Crashers and an especially hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother which can both be classified as cougars to the point where in the How I Met Your Mother episode, Barney Stinson gets so obsessed with her that he ends up dislocating or breaking a hip while in Wedding Crashers, she makes Owen Wilson utter one of his infamous "wows" in a situation which stemmed from an unhappy marriage to Christopher Walken. Seymour throughout her entire career has shown remarkable versatility that few actors are capable of, with her performance as Elyse McKenna being one of the most intentionally-restrained of them all in true fashion of the early 20th century stage actresses.The production design is also one of the major points where this film shines. The late seventies in which this film begins have a very modernistic feel whereas the portions of the film set in 1912 radiate with an idyllic and warm vibrancy which helps the film's overtly romantic mood. It further enhances the storyline in the scenes that Richard and Elyse are together and make it so when they finally are at the point of professing to each other that it's a fuller experience for the viewers, one that flows with a vibrance which takes the entire film higher and higher before it all comes crashing down with the tragic ending.Somewhere In Time is very much a cult classic at the end of the day, not known by a ton of casual moviegoers, or even the typical Blu-Ray savant, but those who are fans of the film are fiercely devoted to keeping it's legacy alive, and that right there is what proves it a cult film truly worthy of the term.