Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit

Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit

A political and existential narrative, Luz nas trevas - A volta do bandido da Luz Vermelha continues the story of Luz Vermelha, a legendary bandit from Sao Paulo through the figure of his ...

A political and existential narrative, Luz nas trevas - A volta do bandido da Luz Vermelha continues the story of Luz Vermelha, a legendary bandit from Sao Paulo through the figure of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit torrent reviews

Eben B (it) wrote: A fairly good movie.

John M (us) wrote: The premise is good, but it is very slow moving without much suspense. A bit gross at times, it gets old after awhile...and well it ends very predictably.

Sebastian D (us) wrote: very romanian, very deadpan in places.. dark comedy.. if you know romanian culture and attitudes to western culture then you will understand the references.. to me, the story resembles the attitudes towards american soldiers in england during WW2, as seen through the eyes of a teenage girl in a dead end village. Providing excitement to a tragic situation.. awesome film. a must see.

Robert G (au) wrote: Of course I have a role in this motion picture so my opinion may be biased. But this is a great family film in the vein of "Stand By Me". The leads are excellent. But special kudos goes to my friend, Matt Borish who plays Tiger.

Hayden L (us) wrote: I don't know about any of you but I actually enjoyed this film. So what if it isn't a masterpiece, it doesn't have to be. True it is far from being even remotely ingenious but I got to and it to director Clark for making it at least enjoyable. It's funny, sort of cute and at times touching so it isn't a complete waste of talent.

Robert I (kr) wrote: Wow this movie is gay. Just kidding (kinda). The movie is really good, especially if you're a fan of the James Whale Frankenstein films.

Cory B (us) wrote: Probably about two and a half years ago, I watched a little indie flick called One Hour Photo... and loved it. Pining for more Mark Romanek works, I only found one; an extremely obscure 1986 feature called Static. From then until now I have been trying to track down a reasonably priced DVD, but it was hard (and it took me two and half years). I finally broke down and found one for about $14, and it arrived today and I wasted no time not watching it. From here, spoilers there be. The cast was excellent; Keith Gordon, whoever he is, is great. His dialogue flows effortlessly, and the exchanges he has with Patty feel more real than any conversation if ever seen on film. Then Amanda Plummer arrives; she's really cute playing the coy and collected love interest. You may recognize her as honey-bun from Pulp Fiction (I didn't, and kicked myself for saying 'where have I seen her before?'). Rounding out the top three is Bob Gunton; you may recognize from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls or The Shawshank Redemption (and I did). He steals the show as the crazy end-of-the-world obsessed family man with an asian wife and two kids named North and South; probably the funniest fucking thing I've seen on film within the year. So far, all good things. Rounding out the supporting cast, we have a bunch of memorable characters, from Patty the waitress, the sherrif and the deputy (who reminded me of Ed Tom Bell and Wendell from No Country), who despise Bob Gunton's preaching and wailing (great exchanges there as well), and the bus full of old ladies. From here, I won't divuldge much of the plot, because, I have to admit, the amount I read about the film before I saw it kind of ruined it for me; I knew everything that going to happen, albeit the ending. Basically, Keith Gordon's character (Ernie) creates this great invention, and everyone in his podunk Arizona (?) town is pining to know what it is. But first, he gets fired from his job at the crucifix factory for stealing defective ones (you see why this sounds so awesome?). When they pan his collection of them in his motel room, it's extremely chilling. The suspense of finding out what his invention is (even though I knew), last for more than half of the film, and it's best aspect of the film. Things don't go well at the final unveiling, and Ernie has to resort to extreme measures to get media attention for the invention. So, he 'hijacks' a bus full of old ladies, and from there the film flirts between the line of satire and seriousness with such finesse, it amazes the biggest sceptic. The final few minutes were quite a letdown since the rest of the film was so suspensful. I kind of just sat there with my jaw in my lap during the credits, not because I was awestruck, but because I was so disappointed. I historically base my overall rating on the ending of the films I watch, and if the ending is a let down, I usually cast the rest of the film in a bad light. So what if the bulk of the film is great? A filmmaker's biggest challenge, and responsibility, is to make a solid film start to finish. The final few moments of Static were like 'whatever,' based on the character's reactions, and based on what happens, you'll see what I mean. But then again, it may be a testament to the importance... aw hell I'm gonna give it all away. After waiting two and a half years to see this, I was kind of expecting it to be my favorite movie of all time, but it's not. And I guess that's okay.

Ian S (de) wrote: Sherlock Holmes investigates the murders commited by Jack the Ripper and discovers a conspiracy to protect the killer. Good cast and plot. Plummer is great in this film

Jennifer H (us) wrote: My favorite Elvis movie so far. He was so sexy in this movie!

Steve S (us) wrote: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: [b][color=pink]1/2[/color][/b] (out of four) [color=sandybrown]Sadly, underrated film about a old woman who refuses to give up her land when the Tennessee River Authority tries to move her before they flood the area with a new dam.[/color][color=#f4a460][/color] [color=#f4a460]Montgomery Clift is excellent in the lead and Lee Remick shines as the old woman's granddaughter. Best of all is Oscar winner Jo Van Fleet in a performance I liked even better than her Academy Award winning turn in [b][i]East of Eden[/i][/b].[/color][color=#f4a460][/color] [color=#f4a460]A real treat.[/color]

Richard S (es) wrote: One only watches this film now to see an early Ronald Reagan.

Cameron J (kr) wrote: It's like "Boyhood" in that it tries to show the development of characters and the world around them over a long stretch of time, but unlike the former, "Cavalcade" does nothing to invest us in the characters and their world. It's a series of mostly unconnected events with little in the way of themes or atmosphere. Some of the performances are good, such as Merle Tottenham as a woman who laughs at others' misfortune, but it's mainly a pretty boring film.

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Field of Dreams, according to "The Bro Code", is the only movie a bro can cry at. Well, I can see why that is so. This movie is so dramatic and lighthearted, one of those late 80's movies that will never be made again, a rare masterpiece in filmmaking. Yeah, this movie can be sappy and melodramatic, but it's still recommended by me.

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Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit torrent

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