Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes

A rural sheriff (Kevin Sorbo) faces a seemingly impossible battle when he is forced to defend his small town from a demon riding bolts of lightning and causing mayhem.

A rural sheriff (Kevin Sorbo) faces a seemingly impossible battle when he is forced to defend his small town from a demon riding bolts of lightning and causing mayhem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rikki L (ag) wrote: If you can make a revenge flick with biker gangs AND killer lesbian nuns that still sucks, you shouldn't be making movies. It could have been great, too. Cut the couple of completely unnecessary scenes, the MANY graphic and casual rape scenes, and the non sequiter racism, and you would be left with a halfway decent flick.

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Janet Zahra W (de) wrote: Too over re-acted not so good to me

Thomas P (mx) wrote: stepfather 2 has been better then ever since the first one

Aaron G (gb) wrote: How did such a solid concept turn into such a schlocky, low-brow B-movie?

Galen M (de) wrote: One of the greatest epics and westerns ever made.

Tony Raul G (de) wrote: A little too "artie" for its own good, bur Andre Benjamin performance saves the picture from its own good

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