Lightning Strikes West

Lightning Strikes West

When Butch Taggart escapes prison, the Marshal sends Lightning Morgan to find him and his hidden gold. He finds the map to the gold on Taggart's boot. Joe Laikon and his men are also after the gold and they overpower Morgan, get the map, and head for the treasure. But Morgan and Tod Grant are soon on their trail

When Butch Taggart escapes prison, the Marshal sends Lightning Morgan to find him and his hidden gold. He finds the map to the gold on Taggart's boot. Joe Laikon and his men are also after ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (de) wrote: Pretty basic but enlightening. Captures the juxtaposition of Noel and Liam really well, even if it shies away from their recent, more definitive split.

sarah s (de) wrote: love this film the more i watch it the more its awesome love trey and matt

Joe C (br) wrote: While there are some brilliant moments in SCHIZOPOLIS, the sum failed to resonate with me. This is a self-indulgent experiment, and I admire Soderbergh for doing it, but it just never hooked me. Grade: C+

John C (kr) wrote: One of those rare films that has the romantic element, the mythic element, the thriller and amazing performances. I absolutely fell in love with this film and loved actress Julia ormond. She has a way of expressing grief pain love with her facial expressions, I also loved the father and sons story how one son felt that his father always loved his second oldest than him. In the end family comes together through tough times. A must see.

Bryan G (ru) wrote: Trancers 5: Sudden Deth was made during a period where Full Moon was in the habit of making films back to back, so this one was filmed the same time that Trancers 4: Jack of Swords was made. Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is still stuck in this medieval setting, still trying to put an end to the vampire-like trancers plaguing this world and he is still trying to make it back home to his own dimension. The only thing this film isn't still being is fun. Sudden Deth is the most rushed feeling entry of the series, and the most empty. There was far too much going on in this movie, and there wasn't equal time spent focusing on all of these different character's storylines. So at times it was easy to lose track of what was going on, and who was who and what exactly they were doing. Plus, the film flows extremely awkward. There is a scene of action, followed up with a dreadfully long scene of dull dialogue. It all got repetitive after a while. The action in this film once again returns to that very anti-climatic style that made the first couple of entries in the series difficult to watch. Even central villain Caliban (Clade Hartley) wasn't given any time to truly become the menace he should have been. And the final showdown between Jack and Caliban was a tremendous letdown. Such a shame that no time was spent on developing Caliban, especially since he is the only villain of the series to appear in more than one film. The only saving grace for this film was once again Tim Thomerson as Jack Deth. It's weird that two of the weaker entries in the series, both part 4 and 5, were the ones where Jack Deth finally came to life as a character. Thomerson really seemed to be enjoying himself in this film, and he was a blast to watch on screen. So this finished up the Trancers box set I purchased last week. This certainly isn't one of the better series from Full Moon, but for the most part these are entertaining movies. I wouldn't recommend the average filmgoer to seek out these films, but for those who enjoy Full Moon movies I think these should make for a decent time.

Sterlin R (de) wrote: "Scarface" is without a doubt my all-time favorite movie. Here are five reasons why:1. I love the concept of it. The fact that this movie had a crime style with drama made it so unique.2. The acting is so brilliant. Al Pachino is one of my favorite actors, and I think he was the perfect choice for the role of Tony Montana. His voice, attitude, and his overall acting for his character all worked out really smoothly. Also, the rest of the cast did a great job.3. The story was very unique. This is one of those movies where the story is somewhat hard to explain, but it will always be understandable.4. The ending was very awesome that it is actually my favorite part of the whole movie. I really loved how they ended this movie with a massive shootout and it was another thing that worked out perfectly.5. The quote; "Say hello to my little friend" is what makes this movie so unforgettable.I do not care that this movie has loads of violence, swearing, and the fact that this movie is nearly 3 hours long. The fact of the matter is this movie is so outstanding that nothing can beat it. I obviously recommend it (only if you have not seen it)."Scarface" may be a movie that a lot of people have seen and heard about, but this movie will always a huge masterpiece classic

Judit L (de) wrote: Makes me laugh all the time I think of it.

Mat H (nl) wrote: William Greaves really is an "intellectual giant".

Jason M (mx) wrote: Well done documentary from one of my favourite directors, Werner Herzog. Excellent subject matter. Downright fascinating. The Chauvet Cave is simply one of the greatest historical finds of human civilization. The repeated footage and extended shots are emphasized to create a mood and feel.I questioned the selection of modern music at times. Most of the time it worked, other times it felt like a bad choice. Perhaps some classical music to stir the human spirit would have portrayed the subject matter more appropriately.Much of the additional unrelated footage could have been edited out. It may have been better as a concise 60 minute film rather than a drawn out 92 minute film.This discovery deserves a genius like Herzog to preserve this creation on film. There really is no need for anyone else to cover this subject since it was produced so well this first time.

Paul D (kr) wrote: This movie was funny! Jennifer Aniston gave the funniest performance I've ever seen out of her. The comedy wasn't consistent throughout, but it still had more than enough moments to keep me laughing. All in all, this is a decent film that is worth the watch!

Daniel C (nl) wrote: A bit shallow and manipulative, but it still works like a charm. Utterly horrific and hopeless.