Ligo na Ü Lapit na Me

Ligo na Ü Lapit na Me


College senior Intoy (Edgar Allan Guzman) is unwittingly fallen into a friend-with-benefits situation with his mysterious classmate Jenny (Mercedes Cabral). Jenny has a reputation for being promiscuous, and Intoy plays aloof to hide the fact that he’s fallen in love with her. Slowly, Jenny opens up to him as well, revealing the vulnerable center to her seemingly impervious façade. But poor, confused Intoy isn’t really equipped to deal with the feelings involved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn H (jp) wrote: Although this was a B movie, the CGI was actually rather good. It was nice to see an India myth brought to life although there were some liberties taken, that was ok. Mallika Sherawat was a very seductive Nagina.

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Carlos D (it) wrote: Could have been so much better

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