Lihim ng mga nympha

Lihim ng mga nympha


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Lihim ng mga nympha torrent reviews

Greg R (nl) wrote: Strange documentary about something that really shouldn't be so strange. A man's quest to complete the only penis museum in the world.

Gianni F (de) wrote: Very funny and surprisingly interesting documentary. Chris Rock is great, and the celebrity interviews were a great touch to the film.Go see it.

Georgian S (it) wrote: Plenty of action in this film. Very enjoyable. At first when I saw this film, The Sweeney were gang members, however I have since learned well today hahaha, that they are an elite Police Force. Jack(Winstone) and George(Drew) and co are called into action. I didn't get the plot at first. So that's a negative. The Opening scene is a robbery. So I thought they were the robbers, but it so happens that they are an Elite Police Force as I said earlier. Then they are then told that there's to be a big hiest in a "Non-traditional high street bank". One member of the police force is killed and hence a battle ensues. Jack is stripped of his Police Badge, and sent to prison. Its up to sexy George to break him out or at the very least to prove his innocence. So a great movie, however plot very lost. So my guess is that you'd have to have seen the TV Series. hahaha. So overall enjoyed it emmenesley. Very good. Highly recommended. Loyalty is a key player in the film.

Jordan T (ru) wrote: An okay movie that I haven't seen in years. Michael J. Fox is entertaining as always, but the best part might be seeing a masked Jerry "The King" Lawler piledriver him lol.

Simone L (ag) wrote: I remember really loving this film, would have to revisit it soon!

Joseph M (mx) wrote: Watching it now, pretty bad!

Lauren W (au) wrote: I found the film a little dry and at times overly theatrical, but it was decent overall. It was a bit long for me as well; I think it just isn't my thing.

William W (mx) wrote: This was definitely one of the strangest comedies I have yet seen that focused on World War I, as a friend of the duo's dies and leaves his baby daughter in their care, with the hopes of re-acquainting her with his rich family. Trying to find them is of course no easy task, and leads to one comedy of errors after another. Another fine feature film that's gotten them in.

Giffy G (kr) wrote: I watched this movie for a film class, but I was familiar enough with Marlene that this wasn't my first experience with her. The plot was bizarre and very campy (Cary Grant produced a puppy from his car to give to a little boy... I will never forget that moment for my entire life). The acting was decent enough, but the real reasons to see this movie are for its campiness and its amazing camerawork. I mean... wow. Good camerawork is hard to come by in classic Hollywood, and this was just dazzling with its cinematography, camera movement, etc.

Ben T (de) wrote: The World's End is a film that while it is undoubtedly the weakest of the Cornetto Trilogy it's still an amazing and unbelievably smart movie. The comedy for the most part hits bulls eye. Every actor hits it completely out of the park, especially Pegg. Simon Pegg is without a doubt one of the most underrated actors working today and he gives the performance of his career in this film. Gary King is a funny, annoying yet absolutely loveable character who can evoke laughs and also genuine emotion from the viewers. His comedic timing and delivery is spot on and he gels so brilliantly with the terrific script but his scene in 'The Worlds End' with Nick Frost at the end is heartbreaking and is the most emotional moment of the entire Cornetto Trilogy. Speaking of Frost he is brilliant here. He's really the audience's character as like us he's dragged along on this crazy journey and is very cynical about Gary. Frost is so brilliant here, when he's playing drunk he's very convincing and by the end of the film you realise he hit it out of the park. This isn't to discredit every other actor as they all hit it out of the park and there isn't a bad performance in the film but Pegg and Frost are just fantastic here. Edgar Wright also does an amazing job here. This is possibly the best directed of the trilogy as there are so many amazing little touches that make this film incredibly rewatchable. This film has this energy and fun atmosphere that doesn't relent from when the film opens to when it closes. The action sequences are also fantastic and while there aren't a lot of them they are still amazing. The fight in 'The Beehive' especially is amazing and it's brilliantly choreographed and very thrilling. Just like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz the script here is amazing. It's so well written and has so many touches that you won't pick up on your first, second or maybe even third viewing. The comedy is amazing and nearly all of the jokes hit. There are of course a couple jokes that maybe don't quite hit and it's definitely not as quotable as Hot Fuzz but that's again not to discredit as the jokes are brilliantly thought out and written. The recurring gags like the fence, the foreshadowing and the cornetto are all here and as expected they are brilliant. When I first watched this film I wasn't a fan of the ending but upon a rewatch the ending of The Worlds End is brilliant. It's dramatic, it's funny and most importantly it's progressive which is the entire point of this film. This film is all about letting go of the past and the ending perfectly captures letting go and holding on to the past. If I had any problems I would say that the movie has a few noticeable plot holes and also it can get a little annoying that towards the end that huge masses of robots, or blanks, are charging at our characters but only a few will actually attack them. However technically The Worlds End is flawless without breathtaking cinematography, editing, sound design, music and lighting. Not perfect and it can't quite live up to the other two which is not an easy task. However a fantastic finale to one of cinemas best trilogies. A