Set in the 70's during the darkest hours of Philippine History, we follow the story of two young NPA warriors who find themselves entangled in a web of frustration, despair and victory as ...

Set in the 70's during the darkest hours of Philippine History, we follow the story of two young NPA warriors who find themselves entangled in a web of frustration, despair and victory as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris L (jp) wrote: For a made for TV Christmas movie, it wasn't the worst thing I've ever had to sit through. Doris Roberts plays a good mamaw type.

Joe E (au) wrote: I stuck with this as long as I could but so painfully slow, not the Kurt Cobian film I was hoping for at all!

Greg O (mx) wrote: I found a certain sweetness to this documentary of a Norwegian men's choir. The music is good if choir is your thing. On a personal level I felt an eerie familiarity with some of the characters and my Scandinavian relatives. All these years I thought they were a bit odd. Turns out they were just Norwegian.

Judith M (ru) wrote: Yes, plenty of eye candy. Lots of biting; that's what the audience gets turned on about. Still, read the books. They're a lot scarier.

Amanda T (gb) wrote: My favorite musical of all time.

Nicki S (es) wrote: Bring up, de yardie massive! Fi dis ah one bad piece ah movie... Fi mi haffa say Jamaican gyals cyan wine sah

Jason K (us) wrote: Downey and Spader make this one- moreless Downey. It really shows its age though as a 80s flix and because of that- was hard to watch at times do to the really really lousy plot points and wording.

Ola G (ca) wrote: A small IRA team, including Martin Fallon (Mickey Rourke) and Liam Docherty (Liam Neeson), tries to blow up two British Army Land Rovers, but at he last minute, a school bus overtakes the army vehicles and detonates the bomb as it passes, killing the children. After most of the team escape the scene pursued by the soldiers, Fallon travels to London in a bid to escape the past. In London, he is approached by a contact who asks him to take on one last job on behalf of local gangster Jack Meehan (Alan Bates) and his brother Billy Meehan (Christopher Fulford). They offer Fallon money, a passport and passage to the US if he kills a rival gangster. Initially reluctant, he nonetheless takes on the job. However, as he is carrying out the hit in a graveyard, he is seen and confronted by the local Catholic priest, Father Michael Da Costa (Bob Hoskins). The confrontation is watched from a distance by Billy Meehan, who tells his brother there is a witness to the killing..."A Prayer for the Dying" was done when Mickey Rourke still was hot in Hollywood and I like the set up of the storyline, even if its hardly a unique foundation of a story. The drama is well paced with solid subplots that adds to the movie. The atmosphere and cinematography gives the film a certain feel and I do like the close up structure from Hodges. Rourke seems a bit off, but he still delivers a fine portrait of a man who has lost faith in mankind and simply wants to disappear from his past and violent deeds. Alan Bates, Bob Hoskins, Liam Neeson adds proper weight, and I like the lovely Alison Doodys cold IRA operative. Yes, the ending is maybe a bit too over explicit and somehow you get the feeling that film never did reach its full potential during the shooting and in the editing room. Apparently did both director Mike Hodges and Mickey Rourke disown the film as it wasn't the finished film they intended to make based on the Jack Higgins novel from 1973. Nevertheless, despite its flaws I do like "A Prayer for the Dying".

Michael W (fr) wrote: Unemployed engineer takes on a rowdy classroom in the UK in this classic. Poitier demonstrates his overall presence in commanding respect amongst the unruly students. Terrific title song by Lulu and inspired a great spoof done by SCTV as a segment 'Teacher's Pet' with the Boomtown Rats. Poitier would reprise his role for a too-late sequel in 1996.

David P (gb) wrote: Nice contrast from the 1933 original. CGI a little over done. It's good

Fernando C (ag) wrote: interesting movie with great atmosphere and music, but I felt it boring for long shots and I think the plot felt forced at times.I liked it, but I think It could have been much better