Like a Dragon

Like a Dragon

Cult Japanese director Takashi Miike draws inspiration from the popular Playstation 2 title Yakuza for this unhinged tale of underworld violence in Tokyo starring Goro Kishitani and Kazuki ...

Former Yakuza underling Kiryu Kazuma (Kitamura Kazuki), who has recently been released from prison after a lengthy incarceration... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anastasia F (ru) wrote: La Rafle - the Round Up - is the second movie I've seen recently on the infamous Vel' d'Hiv incident in July 1942, when some 13000 Jews living in Paris were subject to mass arrest in early morning raids, before being incarcerated in the Winter Velodrome, an indoor bicycling track, prior to being sent on to transit camps, there to wait an onward journey to Auschwitz and oblivion. Directed by Rose Bosch, La Rafle has much the same structure as Sarah's Key, though it attempts a more broadly based focus, taking in the wider context, a context that takes us from the Vichy of Marshal Petain, the head of the French state, to the Berchtesgaden retreat of Adolf Hitler. It's a polished, well-crafted piece of cinema with some good performances, particularly by Jean Reno as David Sheinbaum, the Jewish doctor, indeed, the only doctor, who attends to the sick in the in the Vel' d'Hiv, and Mlanie Laurent as Annette Monod, the Protestant nurse who assists him. The dramatic core is also reasonably well-defined, with the focus on two families, the Weismanns and the Zyglers, neighbours in the Montmartre district of the city. Still, of the two, Sarah's Key, though far from flawless, is an altogether better movie. Apparently Alain Goldman, the producer, said that he wanted La Rafle to be France's answer to Schindler's List, although I'm not altogether sure what the 'answer' is, what to make of this or how the one relates to the other. Perhaps he simply wanted a big, bravura Holocaust movie. If so, this is not it. It falls short by a long way. It's altogether too polished, relying too much on clich, empty histrionics and naked sentiment for effect. There is too much, in other words, in the way of emotional manipulation in a story that needs no such artificiality. There are certainly poignant moments and the Jewish children play well on the heart strings, though they are perhaps a little too cute, a little too self-possessed to be altogether plausible. Then cut to the bigger picture, away from the tragedy and suffering of the Velodrome to Vichy with the doddering Petain (Roland Cope) and Pierre Laval (Jean-Michael Noirey) his oleaginous premier, and an altogether wooden pair they make, history brought to life in a lifeless way. Cut to Berchtesgaden with Udo Schenk as the most laughable caricature of Hitler that I have ever seen. Think the Producers, think Springtime for Hitler, think a gay romp with Adolf and Eva, then you are in just the right territory. For comedic effect it would be difficult to beat a clunking line like "Everything is taking place as I described in Mein Kampf." Away from portentous observations to Himmler, Adolf casts a disapproving look at his paramour as she lifts a bottle, reminding her of his views on women drinking alcohol. She not drinking, no; merely mixing and testing cocktails for the Fuhrer's doctor! Sorry, I'm trivialising that which deserves to be trivialised. Like Sarah's Key this film does have a serious message, one that for so long was submerged in France as a truth too uncomfortable to face, the culpability of a nation, but it does not make it in an altogether serious way, leaning rather too heavily on pathos rather than sober narrative. So much more could have been done. There is a Schindler-type story here, the story not of one saviour but of many. After all the French bureaucrats and police who conceived and executed the Vel' d'Hiv roundup, at the behest of the Germans, expected to net 25000 though in the end they only managed half that figure because so many ordinary Parisians offered aid to their desperate and beleaguered neighbours, something we are reminded of in text at the end. It's a good effort; it's just not good enough.

Christopher J (ag) wrote: Feels nice to praise a movie again! An incredible existential loner gangster flick that was a great deal of fun. The gritty violence sometimes felt a little out of place in what's really more a character story about a young man coming out of his shell, but even so, it's a pretty cool flick. And brought back many memories of good films (in the right fashion) also.

Glenn W (ag) wrote: Fantastic movie. Great for those nights you just want to watch something outright vulgar and stupid!

Alexandre B (au) wrote: Look what television and news really is. Nothing but a bunch of lies.

Malorie H (ca) wrote: Completely against bull riding (and the movie looks beyond dumb).

Jeff D (it) wrote: Damage seems promising with it's enticing box art and it's NC-17 rating but the film never lives up to it's sexy promises.

Noname (gb) wrote: Well im not into animated that much but i heard this would be great and it was quite okey actually. A bit strange tho with weird stuff going on in the "dreams" and reality aswell because thats what the movie is about "a dream machine". Anyway its a well made movie and the music score rocks. Go ahead and see it if u like animated ones and its a japanese flick..

Alex S (jp) wrote: Marathon Man is an intense, at times, scary thriller that features some excellent performances and is chalk-full of unpredictable twists.

vishnu a (kr) wrote: one of the best of all times

Riley M (es) wrote: it's a disney movie about spain it's exactly how you would think

Luc L (es) wrote: A thrilling action film which is similar of The Bourne Identity.