Like You Know It All

Like You Know It All

Delightfully comic exploration of the emotional and social geography of an art-house film director.

Delightfully comic exploration of the emotional and social geography of an art-house film director. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Parthiv J (de) wrote: a worth watch movie......everyone fights for their rights....this is a movie based on it...................a real worth watch movie........

Ron L (us) wrote: An insightful documentary that explores the effect of the dam project on the common people living around the Yangtze who are forced to relocate. Also fascinating is the difference between the two different generations of Chinese, young and old, especially the "little emperor" effect due to China's one-child policy.

Hannah M (fr) wrote: my aunt and cousin got me this for my b-day, never heard of it before, it was cute and sweet, and I love indie films

Lisa R (ca) wrote: I want to go across Canada by train with a bunch of awesome musicians in 1970! Damn my not being born for another 15 years!

Brett H (ag) wrote: Spun is an absolutely insane, nasty, and drug-fueled film revolving around meth-addicted, low-lifes and their constant search for their next fix. With disorienting and fast-cut editing, you will honestly feel as if you're experiencing a drug-trip yourself as it numbs your brain after a while. The film is based off of the writer's own long-ago experience as a driver for a meth cook for a period of three days, which is the central "plot" of this film and there's not much else to it. The film stars Jason Schwartzman as the aforementioned driver, Mickey Rourke as the meth cook, and performances from John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari, Brittany Murphy, and Patrick Fugit all as unstable addicts who come in and out of the main narrative. It's a film made-up of moments, as opposed to a concrete story, and there are some bizarre things that take place here that I'll likely never forget, i.e. an extended gag where Schwartzman's character ties a woman to a bed during sex, and then leaves her there for well-over a day by mistake. This is a very unique beast, and the farthest thing from a mainstream film; at times you won't believe the directions it takes, and for those reasons it's a difficult film to recommend, but it's an interesting film-going experience that'll definitely make you feel better about yourself compared to these repulsive characters!

Tim S (ca) wrote: Since this came out on VHS and DVD much later than my childhood, Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy is NOT my favorite compilation of some of Murphy's best SNL material. That title goes to the original late 80's VHS release of The Best of Eddie Murphy: Saturday Night Live. Yes, I know the titles have basically just been reversed, but I have a soft spot for that VHS tape. It's a nice compilation that still works, even though I know now that some of the sketches aren't complete and some laugh tracks were added to the sketches to make them seem funnier. That release had more of a flow and feeling to it that the latter release just doesn't capture, and both have different sets of material. The stuff you know of is there: Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood and Stevie Wonder/Frank Sinatra, but both feature various other pieces of material and this release even features the complete sketches that were incomplete on the original VHS release. Oh well, you can't win them all. This is still a good watch, but I prefer the original much more by comparison. It was a childhood favorite and continues to be one today.

Guye J (nl) wrote: This movie was ok. However, this movie was nothing but a ripoff from the classic movie "Maximum Overdrive"!

Joel B (ag) wrote: Great. Another movie to encourage drug use. Only potheads would find this funny. Me? Not so much.

Andry R (br) wrote: Efficace et int (C)ressant.

David S (mx) wrote: The family is the most powerful thing of all in 50s love with someone else other than your no-good, cheatin', leavin' wife? Tough! 'Til death do you part!Crazy Douglas ratchets up the insane interior of small-time life until everyone just goes mad with happiness. Barbara Stanwyck, as always, rules like nobody's business.

Linda P (us) wrote: This is one for black heritage month - black girl passes for white and is snubbed when she returns to black hometown...all recognizable "old time" stars. Better than I thought it would be.

Joe B (nl) wrote: It's impossible to view the recent Turner Network-sponsored reconstruction of Tod Browning's lost 1927 film "London After Midnight" without feeling a sense of anti-climax; indeed, the movie's reputation has grown over the years to the point where it now suffers from "Phantom Menace" syndrome -- a fervent belief that the film in question will be a transcendent viewing experience. So when the movie reveals itself to be merely "adequate," we feel irrationally cheated. The story itself is nothing terribly special. A man is found dead in his London home, apparently the victim of suicide. However, the police become mildly more interested in the case when the dead man begins leasing property in the surrounding area. Faster than you can say "lawsuit by the Bram Stoker estate," the now vampirifed (or so it seems) gentleman is matching wits with Scotland Yard's finest. If it all sounds a mite familiar, it probably should. Director Tod Browning, who almost certainly got the gig to direct "Dracula" for Universal based on his work here, would later recycle many of the plot points from "London After Midnight" in the Bela Lugosi classic four years later (i.e., a dead man/vampire starts buying property in the London area, while his adversaries sit around talking in the parlor). The main problems with this reconstruction, which relies exclusively on title cards and still photos to tell its story (making the movie feel like a cross between a Powerpoint presentation and a comic book), is that we get no sense of atmosphere. The sets look great, and Chaney's vampire make-up is to die for (no pun intended), but we never fall under the spell of the locale, as we do in both "Dracula" and Chaney's earlier "Phantom of the Opera." And the sense of mood isn't helped by the arbitrary and sometimes unfortunate choices for character names (no joke... one of the women is actually named "Bat Girl"). Still, considering that the only known copy of "London After Midnight" was destroyed in a vault fire in the mid-60s, this Turner reconstruction, flawed as it may be, is the only way we have to view the film today. It's better than nothing, but be warned that the story will probably play better in your imagination than on your television.

Meow T (de) wrote: Surprisingly good movie that started a great franchise.

Matty S (ag) wrote: This odd little film is almost worth seeing for the cinematography work of artist, Florian Hoffmeister. The visual quality of this film is well above par and filled with a sensuous and gothica style of camera work -- as well as set design. And, certainly the four principal actors are up to the job. Elizabeth Olsen continues to prove she is one of the top 10 most important actors working under 30. Sadly, this re-dux of Zola's "Therese Racquin" never fully gels into a film of merit it should be. It is hard to determine if Stratton intended his film to be a dark comedy or if the uncomfortable laughs are unintended. Either way, I could not help but feel that the gothic level of morbidity, perversity and guilt were comical in an altogether unflattering way. In the end, we should care a bit more about these characters. But, you have to give a nod for the effort.

James C (ru) wrote: Whoever stuck this movie in the comedy genre is an idiot, this is not a comedy and the fleeting moments of levity do more to show the contrast than anything else. Great performances by both Wig and Hader draw you into their characters messy lives with ease. An emotionally intimate film that attempts to explore some dark subject matter (suicide, infidelity, among others) it pretty succeeds in bringing these subjects under the microscope without ever telling you how to think or feel about them. The laughs break up the otherwise fairly grim plot and feel natural and not at all out of place in the hands of comedy vets Wig and Hader. Check it out.

Heather M (ca) wrote: If you are looking for a sex film with a "great" rock soundtrack then this is the movie for you; all others need not apply.