Lilla Jönssonligan på styva linan

Lilla Jönssonligan på styva linan


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Daniel R (au) wrote: A well-researched and beautiful look at the untold story of hydraulic fracturing.

Heather M (it) wrote: Thought experiments in an unknown part of the world at a random point in time with a science fiction twist. This story has a few predictable flaws, but overall it is a very engaging story with a talented and beautiful cast.

Mariah S (kr) wrote: It just confused me......l.a lot!!!

Jason M (jp) wrote: Started out alright but got weaker as the movie went on. Extremely predictable, and occasionally weird.

Josh G (au) wrote: Fine Dead Girls is a Croatian film about lesbians. Sounds hot, right? In reality, it's a lot bleaker than you would expect. The movie opens, seemingly in the middle of a scene. I had to go back to make sure that we hadn't accidentally skipped toward the middle of the movie. One of our lesbian protagonists has brought in the cops to get her son back from an older woman in a wheelchair whom she claims has kidnapped him. The light is drab and gray, and a combination of cluelessness regarding who the characters are and the ultra-melodramatic way the actors are acting make it all very... meh. We skip back in time a bit, a slightly brighter period in history, where Iva (our son-stolen protagonist) and her lover Mare are moving into an apartment building populated with a whole cast of weird characters, including a man who beats his wife, a hooker, and a man who keeps his wife's corpse in his apartment. How quirky and, um... funny? Despite being generally liked by the people in the building, Iva and Mare soon come under fire from the landlady's son Daniel, a misogynist of a different color, who sees the women around him as little more than conquests to be had. He barters with the building's prostitute: he will let her buy from his general store in exchange for occasional sex. Of course, soon Daniel has become enamored with Iva (the less man-ish of the two lesbians) and decides that he must have her. Meanwhile, his mother the landlady, being the nosey sort, soon walks in on Iva and Mare in the throes of young love -- and the homophobia begins. What began kind of boring and overly-dramatic transforms at this point into a movie with a lot more tension. Daniel and Olga (the landlady) are both out to seek what they desire, at any cost. Meanwhile, Iva and Mare aren't sure anymore who they can trust. Everybody seems to factor into the events that unfold... and of course, it's all leading up somehow to the beginning of the movie, which has Iva talking about a missing son and Olga in a wheelchair. Where did the son come into the story? Why is Olga in a wheelchair? Although I began not much caring for the film, as it got into the second act, I started thinking that I had been wrong about it and that Fine Dead Girls was a fine movie after all. But then... the end. The third act of the movie ruined whatever good will that the second had garnered. It ends in a remarkably trite and unbelievable way, the characters acting in ways that they would not (judging from their previous behavior). The ultimate conclusion is arbitrary and weak; it makes no sense in context of what had come before. Fine Dead Girls, like Dale Earnhardt, was going pretty well but then crashed fatally and was consumed in a fiery inferno right before crossing the finish line. How sad.

Tyler S (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this film to some extent...I think billy bob thortons comedic side is brilliant...jon heder really cant act worth a damn which brings the film down....there is still some laugh out loud fun here...

Gregory C (br) wrote: i watched this but didn't really watch it. it's terrible. i just wanted the background noise. i guess the score is fun.

Steve G (de) wrote: Apparently, women who look like Ava Gardner & Grace Kelly hang out in African jungles.

John W (us) wrote: The best thing about this was the appearance of a Dalek; at which point my daughter said very loudly several times, "look daddy it's a Dalek. It's a Dalek isn't it daddy."