Lille Fridolf blir morfar

Lille Fridolf blir morfar

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Domingo K (jp) wrote: Very very impressive.A+++++++++

(jp) wrote: dark-comedy story about a romantic couple.

Joanof A (ag) wrote: Really unthinkable movie.Samuel Jackson is outstanding as H. as well as Carrie ann Moss (agent helen brody)*best part.Psychological conversation between agent brody and H. between agent brody and the terrorist yusufNo dull moments from start till end.must say bravo

Ricardo H (fr) wrote: HORRIBLE...and that is putting it kindly. This is one of those movies that should have never been made, simple as that

Viktor N (au) wrote: A lesser version of the stardard veteran war hero that has come home, wants to live quetly but can't, because the "bad guys" won't let him. Then the clean up begins and so on and so forth.... I recommend you see Commando, Rambo or Shooter instead.. ..just mentioning a few..

MF J (ru) wrote: Saw this film a couple of years ago in a Film Festival in Paris, back to back with Deep Throat. This film is far from being a masterpiece, it's rather badly shot, almost amateurish, with a grainy & rough image.Tony Ward is doing what he does best, showing off his fit abs. There is a story in there somwhere but i can't really remember what it was all about, since the title is Hustler White i suppose it's about a White Hustler wandering around L.A in the mid 90's. This is an underground experiemental flick, i don't think it's made for worldwide audience but it was curiously fun to watch.They sure don't make'em like that nowodays!

Robert I (de) wrote: The best math movie ever made.

Dorothy H (ca) wrote: Movie was a bit frustrating at times but decent.

Colm M (gb) wrote: Ken Loach has a thing for Ireland and the Irish and speaking as an Irish person he has made a very subtle but profound statement here. Its a statement well made and one any open minded Irish person will sympathise and agree with. Deep down in the Irsh Psyche lies an unbroken personal and spiritual freedom that has its roots in a culture that predates Christianity by at least 1000 years. In our most recent history up until the present that personal and spiritual freedom has been gagged by a suffocating conservatism that we are only now coming out of. Many free thinking people have stood up to this tyranny in the past and it is people like that we should thank for todays improvements. This film is about those people. We are not fully emancipated even today but we will be soon.

Brandon B (kr) wrote: A surprising WWE film has loads of potential, and comes in close proximity, but in a half-hearted sort of way.