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Limo torrent reviews

Ian C (au) wrote: Unbelievable performance from the legend that is Dennis Farina in this tale of redemption. Farina must have the highest swear word count in cinema but when he says fuck, cock sucker etc it sounds beautiful almost shakespearan.

Jos S (nl) wrote: Algo falla... No acaba de funcionar.

Cammie R (jp) wrote: Worst Knoxville movie ever NOT funny and completely stupid story

Rich A (fr) wrote: Elektra Lux, great name. Filmed in old movie stylee, entertaining 'watch'

Noname (ru) wrote: Great romance/comedy movie :)

Toby E (mx) wrote: So it echos 'Clerks'... has elements of 'Waiting' and various visual references to said films. I actually enjoyed it. Ok so its not particularly well shot, perhaps a little cheesy maybe too sexually orientated but its OK! Its the guys 1st time so give it a chance

david s (ca) wrote: A very ordinary plot and script is lifted by the presence of Penelope Cruz - but the film falls into its own traps, becomes a man-crowd-pleaser, a passionate boys' dream. Could be worse, though??

Citien P (mx) wrote: The message appears not to be as subtle as in its predecessors but it is visually riveting all the same.

Juwanda T (au) wrote: I wish sometimes that gay films would just be a bout a story, no need for messages to be disseminated just good old story. The Str8's have done it for years, and it's worked so far. I love this movie, for being just that a story. The msg is about love, respect understanding and faith. Too bad i took so long to watch this.. Kudos.

Anwar K (ca) wrote: Good Sidney Lumet movie.

Mark N (ca) wrote: Mashing genre ideas into a single film and chucking Dourif into the mix makes an oddly better movie than you might expect. Dourif carries the whole thing with his amazing sense for character depth when he has nothing to work with. The movie is Bad-Movie fun to watch, mainly for its shameless plot element theft.

Era M (br) wrote: A pesar de tener un elenco de primera y una historia solida con muy buenas actuaciones, mas negro que la noche falla en sus ultimos minutos y pierde el ritmo ya casi al final. Una verdadera pena ya que estamos hablando del maestro Taboada. Pero sin duda es una pelicula que todo mundo deber ver.

Matthew L (ca) wrote: The most over the top of the Rambo films, using the then conflict of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan as its backdrop with Stallone at his most pumped up. This film is like a comic come to life, macho posturing and dialogue at every turn but ultimately its never satisfying.