Linha de Passe

Linha de Passe

In the periphery of São Paulo, the pregnant single mother Cleuza works as maid in the apartment of a middle-class family. Each of her sons has a different unknown father: the oldest, Dênis, has a baby son that lives with his mother and he works as motorcycle courier.

A story about four brothers from a poor family who need to fight to follow their dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (ag) wrote: The first one re-done, but cornier. Fight scene is epic.

Andrew M (au) wrote: Whether it's an enjoyable one or not, Rescue Dawn is, at the very least, an admirable film. Werner Herzog really proves himself as a technically outstanding fiction feature director here: filmed in Thailand, the jungles of Vietnam and the POW camp feel like real locations rather than specially designed sets, which really brings out the wartime atmosphere of the movie. In terms of storytelling, Herzog tells the story of Lt. Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale) in a slow and deliberate manner that brings out the story more realistically than one that rushes with too much excitement. Dengler and his fellow POWs (Steve Zahn, Jeremy Davies) pace their planned escape realistically: they think things out, slowly acquire tools they need, and put their plan into action only when the time is right. This results in a bit of a slow pace for the 126 minute film, which absolutely brings the movie to a drag at times, but it works contextually.But there's something off at times. Bale's performance as Dengler is full of relentless courage and strength, as to be expected from an actor who always gives it his all, but some of his line delivery feels oddly stilted. There's scenes in which Dengler is screaming when faced with the barrel of a rifle, and the dialogue just doesn't flow well enough. It's hard to pinpoint whether it's just not great delivery from Bale, or if Herzog's dialogue is just awkwardly written, but it's occasionally distracting nonetheless. A lot of the things that bring Rescue Dawn down are just little things like this: Klaus Badelt's score is beautiful but overbearing, the visual effects for the plane crash are awkward (although this is Herzog's first major use of digital effects), and the ending is oddly conventional for a filmmaker like Herzog. We know how it's going to end, sure, but it lacks that punch that the story should have.

Rene T (es) wrote: This is a great biopic about Gandhi's son, and very moving. Strongly recommended as a good companion piece to watch with Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi".

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Amy J (fr) wrote: I love to hate this movie. The casting is pretty good (God knows I'd watch Colin Farrell recite the alphabet!) and the script didn't bother me too much... until I remembered that it was supposed to be based on Jesse James and the boys. I grew up in Missouri and let me tell you, Jesse must have been rolling in his grave. The "facts" of the movie are so screwed up that they might as well have changed the names to Fred and Barney. Still, if it interests one kid in learning about the real James-Younger gang, then so be it. It's not like they'll learn any of that in school.

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Zach E (nl) wrote: it was borring until it got to the interesting part

Matthew A (it) wrote: I lost interest quickly

Jonathon M (nl) wrote: Interesting postcard of early 70s France and authentic look at motor racing. The style of movie making of the era is cool too.Sadly, as entertainment, this confusing film (almost devoid of dialogue and much narrative) ultimately fails.Gets an extra half star 'cause I like motor racing.

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