At the end of WW2, a compassionate Dutch policeman helps smuggle a Jewish woman into British Palestine.

When the end came for World War II, many Jews were spread around the free world and desired to return to Palestine. Lisa Held has been promised to be returned to her native land. Inspector ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arif B (mx) wrote: Set against the backdrop of Eric Cantona's career at United - a heart warming tale of a man trying to regain his sanity and deal with his inner deamons and the real life horror of living in the north.

Benjamin (ru) wrote: Fun. sexy!! Cruel Intentions meets Wild things and although this movie is no where near as good as those just mentionedm it was fun and sexy all the same except for the lame stupid ending which i didnt understand!

(it) wrote: Acceptably a decently nice movie.

John W (kr) wrote: First of all, I didn't like this movie. The acting was bad, the dialogue was bad, the "cool, edgy" cinematography cuts and blurs were bad and worse, distracting. And, no spoiler here, I HATED the ending. All that being said, I think the story line had merit, it was just the wrong medium in which to tell it. Part of the reason I didn't like it was due to a complete lack of sympathy or empathy for the main character - admittedly, a large part of this rests with the writer and director. However, if you imagine this as a written story, Stephen King style, where you have whole chapters to hear the protagonist's inner dialogue, I think it works much better. Unfortunately, as is, it doesn't work at all.

charisse f (nl) wrote: nice one.. the more i watch kmovies, the more i got hooked on them.. haha..

Ben H (ru) wrote: It pretentious and dull

Menno v (de) wrote: descent film, slightly depressive story, but with a very good Pacino

Alexandro O (ru) wrote: Nothing but an Portuguese artsy gay movie with numbing and incoherent set ups of a man with animalistic appetites for desire, solitude and sexual discovery. It's dark and provocative but lacks any interest.

Brendan H (ru) wrote: Not a big production but this fim still managed to entertain. A good metal soundtrack, you could crack open the beers to this.

Alex H (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. There are obviously two perspectives that you could watch the film from, the gay perspective where you emphasise with the main characters and compare them with the struggles in your own life, or the straight perspective where you are confronted by homosexuality and realise that they are people, with the same urges and desires as you but just for a different gender.The plot is simple enough; a gay dude who hasn't told anybody that he likes men, except for the girl next door who is his best buddy, finds out that this other dude at his school is also gay. The rest of the story shows their developing romance and also the struggles they have in keeping it a secret.The film is actually pretty funny as well, with a lot of humourous moments to add to the drama, but the main problem with the film is the actual drama itself is a little soft. Sure it shows the guy getting bullied a bit, but unfortunatly these bits seem a little bit tame and unrealistic and although it shows the two dudes going through problems the problems and situations they find themselves in seem slightly contrived.Overall however I thought that the film, despite its flaws, was very interesting and fairly moving as well. More than once I shed a couple of tears. You should check it out.

Matt C (mx) wrote: This film is nearly twenty years old...that makes me feel old. Anyway it's just as fun as I remembered and at a punchy, breakneck running time it's a real joy to watch again. Music is dated unbelievably though!

Jack P (jp) wrote: Another film from the legendary Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Brown is a crime thriller with twists and turns from the off. This is somewhat more tame with the violence compared to other Tarantino films, and focuses more on the suave plot. With the likes of Samuel Jackson and Robert De Niro and Michael Keaton, you knew you were guaranteed excellent performances. A great film and a nice turn of style for Tarantino.

Al S (es) wrote: A riveting, dark and gritty action-packed edge of your seat thriller. It packs real serious punch and showcases Dirty Harry at his toughest and most bad-ass. Clint Eastwood is leaner and tougher than ever as Dirty Harry, giving a terrific performance and this time in the directors chair showing off his craft and style. Sondra Locke gives an intense and effective performance. It`s definitely the darkest film in the series and showing that its not afraid to take risk. It`s packed with dark humor, great performances and sizzling action sequences.

Nikki N (nl) wrote: One of this generation's likable coming of age movie for the summer.

lisa s (gb) wrote: really really repetetive