Joao sells video tapes in road bars between Portugal and Spain. One day he finds a middle aged woman in the middle of nowhere. Somebody is looking for her and she has to escape to Lisboa. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lisboa torrent reviews

Daniel S (au) wrote: For the most part its a pretty good film, slowly building the mystery, a dark creepy tone, the girl actresses are good for the most part, but the ending is quite underwhelming, i was expecting a bit more then what they give us, overall a decent, if minor genre film

Mark H (de) wrote: 4 out of 5 stars. Excellent mystery by the writer/director of the Iranian masterpiece, "A Separation." Several of the same actors are in this film & writer/director Asghar Farhadi is now a world class filmmaker in the French New Wave tradition of Chabrol, Rivette & Truffaut. His nuanced attention to human behavior builds into true works of art which surprise you because the layers of everyday action and routine become very important later in the dramatic structure. His films almost feel like documentaries at first because there is no driving plot, just observation of groups of upper middle class intellectual Iranian people, going about their lives. That in itself is interesting compared with all the anti-Iran propaganda here because he shows how universally relatable his characters are to all humans striving for better lives, education for their children and care for their families.But you have to pay attention because the smallest details in the beginning become crucial to characters' outcomes later. A small conversation or a glance between two people seems insignificant at first and then suddenly becomes very important in the final resolution. Always well acted with specifically composed shots, his work is all about careful writing, directing & performance. His craftsmanship is first rate and all the details are important. There are no wasted moments in his films, which are never high budget. Farhadi already has dozens of international awards, an Oscar and Cannes recognition, so he is well established after only 6 feature films. Definitely worth seeking out his films because they stay with you for years. That unique window into Iranian life is a valuable artistic perspective and his ensemble of actors do such a great job on screen for him. You will replay moments in your head the way Bergman films never leave you once experienced. A filmmaker of the highest order, the cinema world eagerly awaits more great films to come from him and his team.

James R (gb) wrote: Without a doubt one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Darren C (it) wrote: While I have no real care as to the demise of Enron, I have always been curious about how these guys thought they could keep doing what they were doing. To say the heads of Enron were arrogant is almost too mild. But this documentary shows that they also started out really just wanting to change the world, and the galaxy-load of money they pulled in (combined with latent greed) screwed the whole thing up.This Astros fans, is why you now play in Minute Maid Park, and NOT Enron Park, anymore.

Alessandro T (kr) wrote: This movie is a great intro to radical history. I would like more in-depth about the people and organizations that helped shape the movement, but it's still great and caught my imagination.

Biswa r (it) wrote: A must seen movie for love bugs

Matthew C (fr) wrote: A pilot gets shot into the future in this little gem, finding the world has fallen apart, but a bunch of def-mutes live seemingly idyllic lives in a weird looking citadel. Still, what about the bald-cap wearing mutants? And what's with the vaguely foreign, scheming scientists sequestered in a lab upstairs? Things get even more complicated when a psychic hottie gets some wild ideas about our heroic pilot. And this movie reminds me once again how much I miss cheeky swimming scenes and crazy scene wipes. It has a surprisingly brutal finale, too.

Bruno V (gb) wrote: Alright , back to action and suspense and allready a keeper , great to see how a man on the ground can change by phonecalles ... to give him and his family a better future .

Nathaniel P (jp) wrote: Great movie, one of the few films that tries to expand on the idea of psychic powers and their applications.

Andres G (us) wrote: one of the best movies by angelina. pretty solid if you ignore that she has the power to travel trough time, save his father and destroy the illuminati triangle, yet she ignores all that cause his father says "you stolen all the time in the world not just a bit" that its not how time travel works...

Frit F (jp) wrote: Powerful & Tragic. This is an underrated film that deserves much more praise than it has. Another masterpiece from Director Sam Mendes.

Mansi A (gb) wrote: A simple story involving an interesting mix of English/Hindi/Spanish languages that results in a complicated love situation. Hrithik's eyes are mesmerizing as ever.