Lissi und der wilde Kaiser

Lissi und der wilde Kaiser

A send-up of the Sissi trilogy.

A send-up of the Sissi trilogy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lissi und der wilde Kaiser torrent reviews

Eric S (gb) wrote: ONCE AGAIN, the critics don't know jack! This movie is wonderful!

Terri M (de) wrote: I have this movie but havent seen it.

Jennifer R G (mx) wrote: Loved it lots of twists keep you on edge until the end

Gary K (gb) wrote: "Replicant" is an example of a movie that would have been a classic if it were just released sooner. By 2001, Van Damme is no longer the box-office draw he was in the early 1990s. "Replicant" attempts to offer him a "range" by allowing him to play two roles, one of which is the film's villain. To his credit, Van Damme makes a convincing bad guy. "The Torch" would have been right at home in a John Woo film; unfortunately, he appears in a movie you're likely to find in the $5 bin at Walmart. Though it misfires a few times, "Replicant" is a fun romp that actually shows some heart.

Harald S (mx) wrote: While the story is a sequel to Once Were Warriors, the topic is a completely different one. This movie focuses on the gang problematic in New Zealand. The characters are less well developed and the story didn't touch me nearly as much as Warriors did.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Very simple and yet so powerful.

Sam R (es) wrote: One of my favorite comedies, and a lasting tribute to the talent of Robert Altman.

Jonathan G (de) wrote: One of the leading films in it's genre... Horror Comedy. Yeah, not many films in that genre-bending, but it has turned into a cult classic. Everyone looks so young! Tim Burton's directing in his earlier, creepier period of his career. Definitely bizarre, unique, weird, dark, and fun-enough. It should be more PG-13, than PG (for sure). Rating: 7/10

James P (ca) wrote: Classic movie, classic soundtrack!

Choen L (au) wrote: Not knowing what the movie is about, I was surprised to slowly discover a sentimental tribute by one of the present master of cinematic arts to one of the pioneers of the medium. The Americanism and Englishness of the players in a Parisian setting can be a bit jarring (or very jarring, depending on your mileage over such things), but that flaw does not detract from the overall beauty of the film. Yes. Beautiful. That's what this (masterpiece?) is.

John Eric D (ru) wrote: I don't know how the f*ck Robert Rodriguez was thinking on this one. He was so stoned as the whole over acting kinda video game cartoon movie does what he did in this Machete sequel. The only thing that I like in this movie is the whole comedy more like a spoof than serious action to me. The whole film is ridiculous, a disappointing sequel where fans was anticipating for it. A very sad 1.5 out of 5.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: We back with Payne this movie is amazing with a great Performance by everything dern steal the show with directed great again the black and white makes the film impact stand out more overall again you just fallowing characters so it might not be the most exciting but for it worked and had a lot to say about life

Huw G (it) wrote: Big name actors make head bashingly lame sci-fi movie, and take the money and run. So much good sci-fi has been written, so many bad sci-fi films have been made. Although of course this is Chrichton, so it is undoubtedly just production line written for the screen stuff. Which was then butchered into this. The ending's ok though.

Diosme R (ca) wrote: good to see Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei still around. this is a simple movie with a clich structure. sometimes I'm just looking for the familiar.

Michael G (mx) wrote: Holy shit this is a terrible movie! One of the worst movies I've ever seen with actors that I recognize. I'd rather watch Troll 2.

Bel S (kr) wrote: It's an 80's film. What can you expect. But it's a great movie that has very chilling and dark moments, and the storyline was unique and impactful, which is why this film became so popular. Sucks that The seed of chucky had to happen.

Rich R (br) wrote: i?i?dont?even?know