A send-up of the bawdy life of Romantic composer/piano virtuoso Franz Liszt, with ubiquitous phallic imagery and a good portion of the film devoted to Liszt's "friendship" with fellow composer Richard Wagner. The film begins during the time when Franz would give piano performance to a crowd of shrieking teenage fans while maintaining affairs with his (multiple!) mistresses. He eventually seeks Princess Carolyne of St. Petersburg (at her invitation), elopes, and, after their marriage is forbidden by the Pope, he embraces the monastic life as an abbé.

A send-up of the bawdy life of Romantic composer/piano virtuoso Franz Liszt, with ubiquitous phallic imagery and a good portion of the film devoted to Liszt's "friendship" with fellow ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (es) wrote: In Brooklyn in the 70's there's only 2 kinds of people: those stuck there in lower middle class doldrums or those who get out. Although cliched the performances save this trifle about two brothers (one's a crook and one ain't). Stephen Lang does well as the bad parent.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A careful pacing and two three-dimensional characters are what makes this drama so realistic and involving, a wonderful and sincere portrait of a relationship in collapse and how the weight of real life can irremediably damage the happy-end dream for a couple living together.

Gabriel L (ru) wrote: Damit that's gonna be Good!

Kelly W (jp) wrote: really enjoyed watching it..

TyLeR (br) wrote: THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Walter C (gb) wrote: Somebody interviews Alan Moore and when Alan Moore isn't talking they have video montages. The video montages suck. Alan Moore is fascinating to listen to. Also, I saw it on Youtube for free.

Michael P (es) wrote: Boring and inconsistent. From the very beginning the characters' behaviour is so ludicrous and idiotic (and continues to be so throughout the film) that it's very difficult to take anything seriously - but on the other hand, the film doesn't really play it for camp or laughs. There are a few effectively creepy moments, but they're not worth watching the film for.

Brian G (jp) wrote: Over the top performance by Borchardt.Under performance by others.

Private A (au) wrote: Return of jedi was a great film I like this the best star wars film.

JuanKa P (nl) wrote: Adaptacin de la novela de William Golding, 'Lord of the flies' y remake del clsico de 1963. Cuena la historia de un grupo de chicos de una escuela militar, que sobreviven a un accidente areo (en la versin original de 1963 eran cadetes britnicos sobreviviendo a un naufragio), con un nico adulto que est severamente herido e inconsciente. Para sobrevivir debern respetarse ciertas reglas y esto generar luchas de poder entre dos grupos, el de Ralph (Balthazar Getty) que pretender actuar civilizadamente y el de Jack (Chris Furrh) el de los cazadores que pintarn su rostro y empezarn a romper las reglas vigentes de sobrevivencia.

PY C (ru) wrote: This is just beyond boring and I don't know what's the point of this movie..

Riley B (us) wrote: Probably my favorite comedy

Ted W (es) wrote: Terrible stupid garbage Alvin and the chipmunk movie. I know that fox has to make an Alvin and the chipmunk movie because the franchise has to be relevant to kids but kids don't want another movie because kids would rather see star wars. I hate this movie, is boring and the music in this movie is killing my soul. This should be strictly a kids movie because I see how this movie is appealing to kids but I bet kids disliked this movie too because they saw star wars episode 7 instead of this. Alvin and the chipmunk s is such an old Franchise that seeing them listening to new songs is weird because old things and new stuff doesn't match. This movie didn't have to be made but the people who made this movie want that cash money. They're milking the franchise to its limits and killing it. Last thing, I love that flula was in this movie for a few seconds but that is the best few seconds in this movie. I'll at least give them credit of having Dave. Dave and flula are my favorite parts in this movie.