Little Accidents

Little Accidents

In a small American coal town living in the shadow of a recent mining accident, the disappearance of a teenage boy draws three people together—a surviving miner, the lonely wife of a mine executive, and a local boy—in a web of secrets.

In a small American town still living in the shadow of a terrible coal mine accident, the disappearance of a teenage boy draws together a surviving miner, the lonely wife of a mine executive, and a local boy in a web of secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rony P (au) wrote: The rating is self-explanatory. The two leads pitch in extraordinary performances.

Casey B (ca) wrote: As somebody who considers Dogtooth one of 2010's best films, Alps was slightly disappointing. The mess of ideas within the film are quite as cohesive as those in Dogtooth resulting in an (even more) abstract viewing experience. And yet, this is still a starkly beautiful and incredibly unique (i.e. Lanthimos) film.

Laurie W (ca) wrote: Considering I had never watched the trailer it certainly did surprise me regarding the plot.Another 'art' film where less is more in terms of visual aesthetic but it works well juxtaposed with such a bittersweet, strong yet characteristically weak protagonist (Swinton).However, at times, it felt almost unbelievable at that was due to such an extreme child character. This would be understandable if Swintons character or the father treated the child different. However, with medically nothing wrong with the child, for him to grow up which such a persona seemed unrealistic. A great performance by all, just a little too much on the 'more' and not enough on the 'less'.

Edwin M (kr) wrote: funny and delightfully disgusting at the same time

Amber R (jp) wrote: Possibly the WORST movie I have ever seen. The cut-scenes were horrific and the camera work was shoddy. The story line was also horrible, and for a movie about steppin', it's ironic how only about 15-20 minutes of the movie actually had to do with it. The only reason I even rated this movie 1 star is because of the great ensemble of actors. However, they should have invested less money in paying high dollar actors, and more money in a good camera, choreography and script writer. Don't waste your time watching this. If you actually do get through all of it, notice how at the ending when it is showing character updates, it says SINUS became class president. Yet during end credits they spell the characters name as SINIS. Next time, spend some of that money on a proofreader.

Greg W (jp) wrote: awesome rom-com from director Stanley donen

Mark M (us) wrote: Too many haters for this wonderful film. The acting, songs, dancing and overall performances put today's crop of pathetic "actors" to shame.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: No more no less than a sixties update on Philip Marlowe, with dinner theater lines given good location shooting. The mystery is only a matter of eliminating the obvious which leaves the charisma of the actors involved to carry the piece. Newman has fun as Mar ... er ... the gumshoe. Bacall is no longer the rich man's daughter but now his disgruntled wife although essentially the same character. Strother Martin as a cult leader is without a doubt just a fun casting choice.

Alec B (it) wrote: I don't really care that the story is ridiculous, Lang directed the film beautifully (Is there any other director who used contrasting shadow and light so well?) and I like that its a WWII propaganda film, that doesn't really feel like a propaganda film . . . probably because the "heroes" and "villains" are less clearly defined than most stuff from that era.

GirlMelody L (us) wrote: Ya kno...after a while, all her movies kinda the same! A little disturbing too... She was just a girl but had to act like a grown lady in a child's body! Her story is definitely a sad one to me!

Lucas M (ru) wrote: While it has a good laugh here and there, Four Christmas falls on its face when it comes to substance and becomes an offensive mess as this formulaic movie drags on.

Alec M (fr) wrote: unsettling beyond belief. (altho weed always helps)