Little Big League

Little Big League

The Chairman of the Minnesota Twins passes away and in his will, leaves his grandson, Billy Heywood, ownership of the team. Billy appoints himself the new manager. But will the proud, arrogant arrogant players of the team, be willing to take orders and tactics from a 12 year old boy?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:119 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   boy,   inheritance,  

The movie follows Billy, a 12-year old boy who suddenly becomes the owner and then manager of the Minnesota Twins baseball team after his grandfather passes away. With a combination of guile, knowledge and determination, Billy earns his team's grudging respect and the team begins a winning streak. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Banana K (es) wrote: Okay so this is basically the cut scenes from the Lego Batman 2 game put together to make a film but the storyline is actually pretty good. Downside is the graphics are still like that from the game so aren't Lego Movie perfection.

Liam G (es) wrote: were to begin. Bautista (I hope they know there spelling his name wrong) despite being on the cover doesn't show up till 40 minuets in and is in three scenes. not like that matters, I only watched this for some cheep action scenes, its RVD, hes a flexible chap, hell do some kicks and filps right? did he fuck. TWO fight scenes. TWO! so what we have here is a movie trying to sell us an on a RVDs acting ability yer. give it a miss

Marcus D (mx) wrote: Excellent portrayal of artist working to produce that perfect voice of the piano. A real lesson in listening.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Cute, with a good lesson about family, plus, you can play spot the star cameos.

Chris C (ag) wrote: This is made for TV poo. Do yourself a favor & turn it off after 5 min. like I did.


Derek J (es) wrote: LOL! because of the opening scene, i like it already. (= the fight and action scenes are dynamic where quick cuts don't hinder them. but it is boneheaded of sammo hung, writers, and studio to allow perpetuating of damaging stereotypes.

Brad M (it) wrote: Not bad gore wise, but a rehash of basically the same story, but without the originality since the concept was done previously IN THE ORIGINAL MOVIE.

Mon K (gb) wrote: Surprisingly enjoyable!

robin a (us) wrote: it was very funny ad nice to watch. I really, really love Josh Duhamel, he is such an amazing actor. It was nice t see how the girl didn't really believe in love but still wished for it deep down.