Little Blue Pill

Little Blue Pill

A raucous comedy about an unlucky hipster who accidentally takes two Erectile Dysfunction pills and goes through a day of misadventures.

A raucous comedy about an unlucky hipster who accidentally takes two Erectile Dysfunction pills and goes through a day of misadventures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander P (es) wrote: Alright but there were a lot of scenes that were very unrealistic like people just about to die and they don't. But there was about one good laugh in there but it was shown in the trailer. I know it's not a comedy. I would say yeah if it was on TV I would watch it.

Jonathan K (es) wrote: At 1st I wanted to turn the movie off because it seemed to go into an intellectual yet undesirable direction, that the end would be disastrous, as so often European movies are. However, the film does well in using the uneasy music of several sources, mostly Debussy (if I remember the piece correctly) and it does well in executing the story through "showing" rather than "telling", which something instructors tell you in fiction writing classes.

Joetaeb D (mx) wrote: A rather unabashed slasher that borrows heavily from The hills have eyes. Wrong turn may appeal to genre junkies, but it offers sadly little for those expecting gut wrenching horror.

Matthew M (kr) wrote: A twisty dark crime thriller is just my sort of movie, but I guess lackluster is lackluster regardless of genre.

Denise H (au) wrote: A movie revealing the public hatred and bigotry during the time of the Iran kidnapping of Americans in 1979. Maryam is a young school girl who was born (with her parents) in Iran. Her father came to America to earn better money in his medical job. An orphaned cousin arrives from Iran who will stay with them and attend a local university. The clash of cultures causes problems between him and Maryam's family. He's more Iranian than American...she's more American than Iranian. Maryam's car is vandalized ("camel jockeys go home"). Neighbors turn against neighbors. America becomes a fearful place for Iranian immigrants (and anyone who fits the "profile"). A timely movie that fits today's social problems and holds a mirror up to America to show her the ugly side of bigotry, fear and hatred of those who are "different".

Michael K (kr) wrote: Bruce Willis kills it along with a great supporting cast, cheesy but waaay too much fun!

Michael M (jp) wrote: One of the best 80s B-movies i must say - love it!

Kyle F (es) wrote: Excellent and very disturbing film.

Patrick M (ca) wrote: It's a B-movie that doesn't make a lot of sense and is incredibly boring until the last half-hour. It's like Hitchcock's "The Birds" with worms.

Luke H (nl) wrote: Basically a story of the leader of the flying corps who fought the battle of britain and his heroic struggle as he losses both his legs and manages to overcome his disability to prove how his skill couldn't be held back by a simple disability.

Ellen G (it) wrote: Sukkerst romantisk film. S den pga av den italienske naturen. Snn som dette skjer bare p film...

Jonathon P (au) wrote: Not a bad action movie.