Little Book of Love

Little Book of Love

Luiza is an architect who just got out of a ruined relationship. Gabriel is a biologist and he has finished a long-term marriage with divorce. When they both meet, chances that they can do well together are not that big. But they will try to, even if their friends Barata (a convict bachelor totally skeptical when it comes to love) and Marta (a mathematic analyst who wishes that human relations were just as exact as numbers are). Written by Pedro Aguiar

The story of a relationship illustrated by words in alphabetical order. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oscar R (ru) wrote: Added to my recommended films list without the smallest amount of doubt!

Nathan B (ru) wrote: There is no way movie can be considered good if it alienates anyone who does not share the same political beliefs as the filmmakers. It deceptively tries to be something more than the low quality B movie it is.

Jordon J (mx) wrote: Revels in its silliness, and has a good time with its premise, creating a fun monster movie. I say SEE IT!!!


Dewey F (nl) wrote: FREAKDOG!!! hahaha This movies a freaking trip. I dig it.

Helen E (ca) wrote: This was a lot better than I expected and doesn't really deserve the bad reviews its received. I do agree with some that the script could have been better written, the chemistry between characters wasn't all that good and it was a tad over-dramatic in parts but the story does have lots of potential and the cast was great in general. It kept me interested and I did connect to it in places. Overall it was entertaining, one of those guilty pleasure films.

Timothy P (au) wrote: The Fugitive lite meets WarGames lite meets 2001 lite.... and that does not add up to a full meal.

angela c (gb) wrote: good halloween movie for family

Jamie C (es) wrote: A proper British film made only for us, I've read allot of comments saying how its terrible because it's too English. Well yeah because it's an English film, It's our version of The longest Yard, These Americans need to remember they are not the only country that make films, The film itself is very funny, Jason Statham as a psychotic Scotsman was brilliant, I thought the main football match at the end could of been better but it's still a good film with a great easy to like cast.

Jon J (ca) wrote: bravo,, bravo..... type of movie... romance /comedy movie according to USA today it is known as rom-com. not a fan of rom but I'm a fan of com movies. It is somewhat of a comical moments.. The title is self explantory.. A type of movie people should watch on days like today which is valentine's day for people who are not in realationships & enjoy movies like these to spend valentine's day annually. It is one of the few movies like clueless, forgetting sarah marshall,something new, Celeste &Jesse forever Rashida Jones & Andy Sanderberg are the married couples that eventually get back together.

P D (mx) wrote: U2 are the ultimate marmite musicians. If you love 'em, you really love 'em, and vice versa. For me, some of their tracks are very good, but sometimes the 30-year-long collection of plaudits they've received can be very annoying. I mean come on, give someone else some credit! But this is an OK documentary/concert movie, charting U2's blues-rock phase, and particularly interesting considering this was only three years before they entered their euro-dance influenced midlife crisis phase with Achtung Baby.

Russell G (it) wrote: Mostly interesting as being Demme's first film as a director. The weird dream sequences elevate this one to be one of the better Woman In Prison films out there, but it doesn't top the gonzo craziness of a Jack Hill picture.

Ilona V (br) wrote: Well this film - or rather the whole trilogy - is beyond reviews. A childhood classic that I have seen at least a 100 times. Love the costumes, the melodrama and the fainting scene. What a masterpiece!

Adam R (nl) wrote: The other "girlfriend comes back from the dead" horror comedy of 2014 alongside Burying the Ex. Whereas Ex failed however, Beth succeeds (for the most part). If you're at all curious about this movie, then first I implore you to not think about it from a logical standpoint as it will completely fall apart. There's barely an explanation for the dead being resurrected, the quirky traits for the zombies have no rhyme or reason, and certain scenes go absolutely nowhere. Some viewers will certainly find this frustrating, even to the point where it's completely unwatchable, and that's understandable. However, Beth manages to make up for its glaring flaws with committed performances (particularly from Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza), some clever comedy, and even some genuinely horrific moments. But at it's core, Beth actually has something heartfelt to say about relationships, the difficulty of sudden loss of a loved one, and finding ways to make peace with yourself. Beth is far from perfect but it certainly stands out in the endless wave of generic zombie movies out today. This one is worth a watch.

Chern T (de) wrote: Worse zombie movie ever. I don't know what the hell they are doing the whole movie. Plot is bad. Can't find a single good thing about this movie.

Rangan R (au) wrote: For its production standards not a bad product.Some of the decent second tier horror and zombie movies were made in the 2015 and this is one of that. When the actors are in demand, we expect big from their movies, but this story suits for these actors. Because an average story looks better with guys are not in the watch-out list. So I was not surprised with the movie, but enjoyed the entertainment it offered.Rainn Wilson's the man of the movie, but as for the narration Elijah Woods stands on the front. In this, the children were the antagonist, but it is an R rated movie and nothing was so serious to consider. You know bashing kids kind of stuffs were carefully crafted. Comedy means not like you're going to get the loud ones, but simply acceptable for a change in the storytelling.If you exclude the zombie kids, the rest of the movie was nothing new. The same old adventure with the similar group of people who tries to survive the epidemic. Especially how it all begins was not logical, so you better not look for a proper explanation for those things. Even the runtime was well shorter than the 90 minutes that makes it sweet, Overall a fun movie, only if you accept what it delivers than what you want.6/10