Little Buddha

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is a movie about the life of Siddhartha starring Keanu Reeves and Bridget Fonda and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci.

Lama Norbu comes to Seattle in search of the reincarnation of his dead teacher, Lama Dorje. His search leads him to young Jesse Conrad, Raju, a waif from Kathmandu, and an upper class ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Little Buddha torrent reviews

Jeremy B (gb) wrote: Pretty lame. Too bad because it had potential.

MF J (ru) wrote: A nervous dark police investigation drama about a cop and his new partner going through an investigation in the Turkish black market in Paris after the discovery of a murdered immigrant. It's not for the light hearted.

Michelle C (it) wrote: Supposedly, I've seen this movie before, but only a few parts seemed familiar... Did I nap through it the first time? It didn't seem as bad as the reviews made it out to be.

Yunhi O (nl) wrote: [spoiler and bad puns alert] Those eyes, they communicate much more than words. Along with several metaphorical acts, the story constructs a believable intimacy between master and maid. The film may lack a satisfying climax, but that perhaps perfectly illustrates the tension between the taciturn characters. What is fulfilling in this film is the eyeful of Vermeer-esque cinematography. The light and dark, the composition, the colors--a work of beauty. It's a slow and quiet film where some loves are secret and selfish because of circumstances of the time; I'm not sure about the depth of its implications, but it's certainly a painterly love story.

Ian B (jp) wrote: Very boring and very historically inaccurate. Does nothing but perpetuate misconceptions about the crusades

Narae P (de) wrote: Great film with an even greater cast.

Cassie H (au) wrote: Possibly one of the cutest romantic comedies of the 80s. Jon Cryer is adorable as the 16 year old photographer trying to win over the heart of a 22 year old Demi Moore. If your looking for a good movie you should watch this!

Daniel D (kr) wrote: This is my second Peckinpah film, after viewing the masterpiece in Straw Dogs. Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia is far more underwhelming in its repetitive nature and lack of focus. The violence this film does a lot less for me than that of Straw Dogs, due to its one man kills six in seconds nature. And due to the never ending circle the story gets dull, and the film loses me early. Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia still has some technical accomplishments. Most notably the amazing cinematography. The use of mirrors is fantastic, and overall shot by shot this looks great. The cinematography actually highly makes up for the monotonous circular pacing, since it still makes the film interesting to view.

Veronica s (mx) wrote: one to watch again & again

Andrea D (br) wrote: Charming claymation film with interesting characters, superb voice acting and a fantastical set.