Little Erin Merryweather

Little Erin Merryweather

Once upon a time, death preyed upon a New England college campus. Rumors swirl that "if you see a flash of red, you're dead!" Local golden boy, Peter Bloom (David Morwick) investigates the ...

Once upon a time, death preyed upon a New England college campus. Rumors swirl that "if you see a flash of red, you're dead!" Local golden boy, Peter Bloom (David Morwick) investigates the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (fr) wrote: Dynamic acting in this 2-person play/film doesn't rescue it from the underlying creepy weirdness that is more off-putting than humorous. (Bonus feature of the DVD includes interview with director Roman Polanski, talking about it as a comedy. Comedy? Really?!?) But I'll admit to being engaged and wondering where it was going -- who this woman really was and how it would end up. Still wondering, actually...

Bob B (br) wrote: Worst movie ever just funny to make fun of lol!

JH K (ag) wrote: Tiene de los peores 20 minutos que recuerdo como arranque. El resto, no lo se, tuve que quitarla, me estaba dando algo... puede que me perdiera lo mejor pero mira, dejalo.

Sandeep S (br) wrote: Predictable story but loved the Australian/Delhi vibes and the music!

David L (fr) wrote: Tough one to rate. This had moments of brilliance mixed with parts that seemed to go off the rails in what is a very warped storyline. Labelled as the demented killer off his girlfriend, Radcliffe seeks to uncover the lies and deception all around him to establish what exactly happened that fateful evening, and to clear his name of any wrongdoing. To help in his cause, he awakes one morning to find he has grown a pair of devil like horns that force the people he is around to confess their inner most secrets. As well as hearing many unnecessary yet amusing truths, he slowly realises that those he trusted most turn out to be the ones to be feared. What makes this movie so hard to take in is not just the hellish undertone to it all, and the far fetched super natural effects, but the fact that it's Harry Potter that is involved in it all. I still struggle to believe that our normally innocent wizard now has a fag in his mouth, is having sex, and intoxicating himself with gallons of liquor. Once I'm past that, it's still an odd creation to be honest, with appearances from Satan like creatures just topping it all off in the concluding parts. In a way, it does piece together quite nicely but despite it being somewhat logical and clever, I was never 100% sold on it. I did enjoy the horror moments, and the whodunnit style plot, but when combined with pure fantasy and a heavy drug culture like train spotting, I'm just not sure what genre this was actually trying to be. Unique to say the least, and one of those you just have to see to believe.

AJ G (fr) wrote: this movie isn't so bad for what I'm assuming is a low budget film. the settings and costumes were great and the story line behind the plot was really interesting BUT for the most part the execution of the story (how it played out) was not so good, at times the dialog was too wordy (saying things in a way that didn't flow or drew you away from the story itself cause you were sitting there thinking, "what on earth is he talking about?"), also some of the actors needed lessons in how to act. that is why I give this movie a two stars.

Johnny R (br) wrote: Awesome movie!! It was intense and action-packed!! The fight scenes were great from start to finish!! Michael Jai White gave an amazing performance and is definitely underrated!! He is an actor who deserves to be in high profile movies!! This is a must-see if you are a Michael Jai White fan!!

Jacky L (nl) wrote: this war epic was too melodramatic and the storytelling and characterization, wanting. plus, what's with the title? but ahem, hold your horses, this slightly long-winded movie Was quite the engaging watch (yes, somewhat enjoyed it) and just like ice cream and chips, a guilty pleasure. the 'ice cream' and 'chips' here - charlize theron and penelope cruz . the penelope character was really just an 'accessory' but who cares, she set the screen on fire whenever she came on ( that limp was really unnecessary though, mr director). three quarters into the movie, i thought 'lust, caution' ? ok, tis just me but i thought it might've made one helluva better movie if it had gone Gilda & Mia instead, exit sappy Guy!

Brandon W (mx) wrote: 13 Going On 30 is a great movie that shows that even if it's similar, it can still try to be a bit different and be an enjoyable movie. The premise is very similar to Big, but the only major difference is that for Big, the next day the character would turn older, but in this, it fast forwards to 17 years when she's 30 years old. So for my first thought, I thought that she's going to tell everybody that she's actually 13 and they start to believe her, she does a bit, but when the movie goes on, she starts to accept it for what she wished for, which I didn't expect. There's also some moments where it was unexpected, but not enough to make the plot fairly new. I was a bit worried about the movie because of the beginning, but when Jennifer Garner is in this, she makes this movie. She knows how 13 years old girls are like, and gets very energetic with lots of energy without being too energetic which gets annoying. There's a lot of jokes that really worked, and it's really unexpected too and surprising as I watched Big before this. The soundtrack really felt nostalgic which makes sense to this movie, and the supporting cast are great too, with Andy Serkis having the most fun time in this. The message is actually really nice, and the best friend chemistry between Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo is actually really believable and it never seem sappy. 13 Going On 30 may not be a classic like Big, but it's a great movie that I'm glad that my best friend wanted me to watch it.

Ben S (es) wrote: one of his most under-rated movies, in my opinion.

Nicole S (fr) wrote: i loved the book and i loved the other movies so im excited to watch it :)

Andrew W (us) wrote: The weakest of the Ustinov Poirot. The film highlights the weakness of picking Winner as a director. He lacks the subtlety or finesse for this type of story and has the cast overplaying their parts. The soundtrack is brash and out of place and the whole story fails to gel. Probably best avoided.

Ivor N (kr) wrote: great movie sooo original the look and soundtrack those piercing Lambert eyes, big bill , illuminated roller skates Isabelle Adjani what more do you want?

Corey W (au) wrote: Hide your kids, hide your dogs, hide your wives. No one is safe from this gruesome monster flick.

Alvin Y (mx) wrote: British gangster filmmaking at its best. A true great performance of a lost actor of the 80s, and bloody good mate jolly. Sadly, Pierce Brosnan wasn't recognized at all!