Little Ladies of the Night

Little Ladies of the Night

The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Lyle York was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield to clear the streets of under-age girls working in prostitution. Pretty, young runaway Hailey Atkins has been turned out. Down deep she wants to go straight but has had great difficultly escaping her pimp and doesn't even have a place to go. York and Garfield go out on a limb to try and help.

The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Kyle York was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken S (ca) wrote: Shane Carruth directed the 2004 indie sci-fi film "Primer" which was a complex and creative time travel movie. This follow-up feature is about a woman who is hypnotized and robbed by a powerful drug, and then finds herself robbed and her life in ruins afterward, only to connect with a man who may have had a similar experience. Also pigs are involved. It is a head trip of a movie, one that doesn't explain itself and leaves it to the viewer to figure it all out. It is a slow movie, but I enjoyed it...and it is hard to deny the power of thinking about a movie long after it has ended.

Richard F (us) wrote: Great fun movie with gay twist - very enjoyable - worth a viewing

Thomas W (ca) wrote: Self-important and preachy high-drama (sooo scripted, staged and acted) that makes me wish I had myself a gun ... so I could use it on myself. Wretched -- and actually beyond so -- as it wants one to think "this is the most important piece of cinema I will ever watch in my lifetime!" The only thing "deep" about American Gun is the pile of crap an audience would find themselves sitting in while watching it. This is a Crash-wannabe that fails, fails, fails ...

Harry W (fr) wrote: Headlined by Jet Li, The One sounded like a potentially entertaining action piece.With its ridiculously fast pace, it takes no time before everything wrong with The One forces itself onto viewers. The entire Multiverse concept of the plot seems thrown in there so that The One can seem a lot more intelligent than it actually is whereas ultimately it is nothing more than an underdeveloped token plot point. The film misuses a science fiction concept with some strong potential by exploiting it as the subtext to an extremely generic action film which quickly descends into an endless series of meaningless chases and bad fight sequences. The premise in The One is ultimately both too dumb to transcend any generic action movie standards yet also too confusing to be enjoyable as a mindless guilty pleasure, and this imbalance damages the entire experience. I'm not sure if The One is a film which wants to pretend it encourages thinking or is shameless in its stupidity, but the plot is so senseless and bereft of logic or actual exploration of its concept that it becomes memorably stupid. It's clear that the mix of martial arts and science fiction is some desperate attempt to capitalize on the massive success of The Matrix (1999), but there is hardly an intelligent thought on board with the story to The One. The dialogue is every form of cliche and there are no characters worth caring about, and anyone who dares to try and keep up with the story's sheer convolution will find that the excessive pace of the story makes it too difficult to pay attention to. So in essence, the plot is exactly as ludicrous and poorly handled as you would expect from director James Wong. As far as production values go, The One uses very cheap tactics to tell its story on such a low budget. The unconvincing visual effects are already a problem, but the story takes the path that Cannon Films took on Masters of the Universe (1987) by shifting its story to a contemporary American setting and having everything play out in city streets and generic interiors. The scale of the story is thus way too small for it to reach its larger science fiction ambitions and the film feels way too cheap to be anything more than a standard action film. The film ends up being a series of shots with people talking endlessly, running to or from someone and then getting into aforementioned poorly conceived fight scenes. To make matters worse, The One also utilizes a heavily generic early 2000's soundtrack. Admittedly I like some of the songs that made it to the soundtrack, but the fact that there was such an abundance of the same basic style of song again and again quickly became difficult to tolerate. Any film that lacks a sensible understanding of how to use Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness" is one in clear need of better editors. But with everything else in the film faltering, the soundtrack was bound to follow.The presence of Jet Li is the major attraction for The One and should be the high point of the film. But despite his best attempts to show off his capabilities, James Wong seems being on absolutely destroying everything he goes for. The first action scene in the film is a mix of stale choreography, obvious strings and CGI where the most minor movements from Jet Li result in characters getting thrown all over the place by obvious visual effects. I hoped that at the least audiences would get to see a modicum of work on behalf of Jet Li, but despite some minor sparks here and there no consistency ever reveals itself. Among the many people that Jet Li fights in The One are another version of himself and action hero Jason Statham, so there really should be some kind of excitement somewhere within the film. But James Wong seems essentially bent on fighting the man every step of the way and leaves audiences with some of the least entertaining action scenes to ever come out of a Jet Li film. To make matters worse, the fact that the film carries a pretentiously serious narrative poses a struggle for Jet Li to bring out the best in his acting skills. The man's transition into English-language films was still in its early stages around the time of The One, and the film leaves too much of a burden on him with its nonsensical narrative and poor characterization. Jet Li is left to actually portray two characters who are in a constant battle to have less dimensions and more generic motivations, and as the actor struggles to find a grounded consistency with his line delivery in either of them. It's clearly a struggle for Jet Li to assert his tenacity of the English language, and yet he is forced to keep churning out terrible dialogue without being able to hide it behind his fight skills this time around. The One is a film which expects way too much from Jet Li and refuses to back him up with any reasonable support, resulting in one of his lesser performances from his earlier Hollywood days.Jason Statham should be a lot more entertaining to watch than he ends up being in The One, but James Wong refuses to let that happen. Fans of his may get a kick out of his general presence and his first of several collaborations with Jet Li, but he is reduced to portraying a background stock characters with no central gimmicks to elevate him to the attention of audiences. He may possess the capabilities to put up a good fight, but The One is not a film which makes any use of them whatsoever. Jason Statham similarly finds himself caught in a low point of his transition to Hollywood stardom.And Carla Gugino gets pushed into playing the standard wife of the hero before becoming a woman in the fridge with no impression being made along the way.The One smothers Jet Li's potential talent underneath a reliance on poor editing and lacklustre CGI with a rushed pace and wooden dialogue to further burden an already convoluted and underdeveloped story.

Tom B (us) wrote: A bleak black comedy satire on how the media makes serial killers into anti-heroes. While it may be too disturbing for some , Man bites Dog is absolutely worth anyone' s time to check out .

Janetta B (ca) wrote: I love these movies, John Ritter is hilarious.................

Jairo A (br) wrote: You'd think the best thing about a naughty kid movie like Problem Child is the kid...but it's actually John Ritter! Sadly though, that's it. The main kid is OK, his acting is good in some scenes and in others, it looks like he's trying too hard. The acting really brings this movie down. It does have a few good funny moments but there are way better comedies out there. MEH/AVERAGE 2.5/5 OR 5/10

Tomek S (mx) wrote: I admire Zulawski because he's surely got his unique style and you can tell that it's his movie after a minute of watching. unfortunately, what's typical for him is the surplus of those philosophical dialogues which make the movie simply idle at times. however, several good things here: the visuals, intriguing story, and young, charming and sexy Sophie Marceau

Thomas H (au) wrote: One of the best movies of the 80's, Ghostbusters delivers humour, action and heart. It's one of my favourite movies and has stood the test of time-even if the CGI is dated.

Corpse M (ag) wrote: lol if you can imagine a movie called the klansman being quirky, well this is it. Good only to laugh at OJ

Art S (fr) wrote: Rouben Mamoulian adds a dose of style to this otherwise ordinary gangster picture - but that style makes all the difference. Instead of simply plot mechanics (girl whose stepfather is a racketeer tries to persuade her boyfriend to join the gang but then regrets it later when he does and her eyes are opened to the brutality), we have something more poetic. Some of this is montage and some of it is inserted shots and some of it is a more natural approach to the settings and events (the couple have a rendezvous at the beach and we and they watch the waves). In any event, the flow of the picture seems different, even if there is still rough stuff among the hoods and some dirty double-crossing familiar to fans of the genre. Reviewers of the time didn't like Paul Lukas as the big boss, but his lilting accent and sophisticated manner inject a little more weirdness to the proceedings. Sylvia Sidney (young!) is captivating as the girl who wants to escape the gangster life (after a stretch in jail) and Gary Cooper (young!) is charismatic as her man who falls in and then falls out with the gang. Mamoulian would later direct "Love Me Tonight" and, while City Streets is not a musical, the director's flair for romance is clearly evident.

Nathan A (de) wrote: Pretty edgy for PG, but some great animation.

Mge A (us) wrote: super-fun but nonsense

Joe W (gb) wrote: creepy and alot of fun

Rob S (jp) wrote: Ignore the critics. This is a truly excellent movie in every respect.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Minus a few speed bumps, this is comedy gold. Critics can have their opinions, this is a comedy for fans of situational comedy that is just funny without pandering. Is it goofy? Yep. Is it stupid? Oh, yeah. Does that make it a bad movie? Not at all.

Paul D (ca) wrote: It certainly takes its time getting to the werewolf, but it is never really boring on the way there and the creature itself is pretty solid. The only werewolf movie that Hammer studios made, this might be a minor entry in both the worlds of werewolves and of Hammer, but it's a pretty good one.