Little Miss Millions

Little Miss Millions

Private detective Nick is hired to bring back Heather, who ran away from her stepmother to find her real mother.

Private detective Nick is hired to bring back Heather, who ran away from her stepmother to find her real mother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Little Miss Millions torrent reviews

Jake G (au) wrote: It's an average horror movie spoof. If I could, I would give it a 0, but provides at least 2, maybe 3 laughs.

Xristos S (gb) wrote: provides an ecological message but not a very successful way that this animation to be boring and silly

Paul C (de) wrote: The acting was decent with the cast. The movie overall was ok. But the story was not right at all. At first it starts to all make perfect sense and you believe in your mind you will enjoy this film. But then it takes a weird turn and everything becomes confusing. It was also like they were trying something new to the whole exorcism type movies. But they would of been better off just sticking to a basic story line.

Sanjay T (jp) wrote: Interesting and intense surveillance film!

Dave F (au) wrote: The critics are wrong about this film. Its worth your time.

David S (au) wrote: This film weaves a sad tale of a mourning husband, absent father, and faded star. It is a little short on detail, and instead achieves poignancy through a succession of subtly depressing social interludes and the daily grind. In this version of the city, casual words cut like knives and random chance is a cruel master. None of the actors are professional, but they all do an excellent job. The movie has a rough, unscripted feel, and a numbing sense of loss.

Doug W (ca) wrote: For a movie you've never heard of, it was quite good. Don't go in thinking this is amazing, but, DO see this movie; give it a chance. Entertaining and worth while, nice twists and good acting. Poor screenwriting but otherwise thumbs up.

Steph W (mx) wrote: I've wanted to see this forever, just never got around to it :X

Dan S (es) wrote: A awful horror movie.

Jeffrey K (br) wrote: Surprisingly engaging.

Stallon E (us) wrote: Great family film, well-done - FUNNY - Smart movie.One of Sly's best performances. Thomas Jane, Tom Berenger, Kevin Connolly - solid as well. Loved the cast - Music off the charts!!!! Score worthy of Nod.

Mandi L (ca) wrote: This was such a great film! Learning about the Stanley Milgram experiment was my favorite part of general psychology. YOU MUST OBEY THE AUTHORITY! lol