Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

A family loaded with quirky, colorful characters piles into an old van and road trips to California for little Olive to compete in a beauty pageant.

When 7 year-old Olive Hoover learns that she's qualified for the the little Miss Sunshine contest, her wildly dysfunctional family sets out on an interstate road trip to ensure her a clear shot at realizing her dreams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael K (nl) wrote: Theron's acting is amazing in this one.

GreekCthulhu m (kr) wrote: This short film is the directional debout of David Prior. The direction is good so as the performances. It builds the creepness till the very end. It could be an episode from Twilight Zone. The good ones..Horros fans should check it out.

Leena L (ag) wrote: I guess the one star goes to the sandstorm effects, the cool plane and the fact that Dennis Quaid did not totally gross me out.....

Karrald G (es) wrote: Simply beautiful; storyline, casts, and lines

DEE WASH THE KING (jp) wrote: Although Shaq and Penny get you to this movie Nick Nolte make you want to stay glued to your seat in this movie about the BIG BUISNESS that is COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

ethan e (ca) wrote: There is a scene in Spielberg's film adaption of J. G. Ballard's novel, Empire of the Sun, where an imprisoned boy by the name of Jim salutes and sings the heart-piercing "Suo Gn" to three Kamikaze pilots in their pre-flight ritual. This little airplane enthusiast has no care - more specifically, he doesn't know - of the class and physical barriers that separated Japan and their captives. He respects and cares for all; everyone is equal in his innocent eyes. He salutes, befriends and surrenders to Japanese and American alike without a thought of wires or possible consequences, and everyone, even the brutal Japanese sergeant Nagata, enjoys his presence with a certain respect and adoration for him. Like the author J. G. Ballard's own experiences, Jim, or James Graham (Christian Bale's first major role that brought him into the limelight), lives in the untouched International Settlement in Shanghai before Japan invaded it, while his well-to-do parents keep him oblivious to the intense nature of the war raging outside the metal barricades of the settlement. When the Japanese do finally march in, Jim and his parents are separated by the great throngs of chaotic crowds. Jim now has to survive on his own until he runs into a strange, snobbish American, Basie, whom he persuades to protect him. The war moves on, and our characters are moved to the Soochow camp, but we don't care as it makes no difference to unenlightened Jim. Spielberg definitely succeeds in creating movies on World War II, and like any other of them, the oppressors bring down numerous beatings, though Spielberg curbed it to a PG rating, and mild language is spit out in intense, emotional scenes. Though Jim loudly proclaims his atheistic faith, his beliefs are radically different. He talks about God and what he does, possibly a touch in order to appeal to Christian viewers. Throughout the movie, the tween-aged Jim often cries "I surrender" to anyone in a uniform, hoping to gain access to his parents or a guardian through that act. But I doubt little Jim understands that phrase, because, instead of a weak, fainthearted boy, we see one with a strong constitution and standing up to oppressors and respecting all (even the dead). Even in conditions so arduous and severe, his manners and respect last through the entire war, recognized by us and an admiring Basie who says, "You've got nice manners. I appreciate that." Spielberg's powerful use of the camera and Bale's show-stopping performance emphasizes what man would do in harsh and demanding environments. On the other hand, Jim, scraping out a living through a complex network of theft and trade, lives unknowing to the motives behind the cruelties of the camp in his high world of airplanes. We follow Jim and his experiences like a close friend, but like everyone else, we can't convince him of the real dangers and truths he is ignorant of. Unlike Jurassic Park, Spielberg enhances the original material, and touches it with emotion, friendships and an inspirational story.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: More action packed followup to a decent made for tv Ewoks movie. And we even get Wilford Brimley along for the ride. On the downside, the entire family from the first film (except for the little girl) gets whacked within the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Patrick L (fr) wrote: South Pacific, starring the beautiful, sensuous and sexy Mitzi Gaynor, is a musical of the war time period and takes place in tropical locations. The 2 dvd collection is pleasantly designed though there is a lack of creativity during the long orchestral prelude (black screen as the music plays) and during the intermission. Mitzi is a lovely and creative nurse, Ray Walston is a soldier who wants to escape for recreation and ends up on a diversion during a secret mission and there are soldiers, nurses, villagers, islanders in this ensemble based on the play that is based on a book. Ray has two jarring scenes during a musical number but most of the musicals, if dated, have a charm about them but especially the ones featuring Mitzi on her own or with a partner(s). It could be said that this is a story about love and war, how love may survive or become a casualty of war (as we see when the spurned but faithful lover of a soldier comes to the nurse to ask about him - the soldier having died on a mission). A lovely, heart warming, heart breaking story. 10/10.

Dev K (mx) wrote: If you're a scuba diver or ever want to go diving,do *not* see this movie...

Esme C (kr) wrote: 1' 1/4 2' 1/4 3' 1/4 4' 1/4 5' 1/4 6' 1/4 7' 1/4 8' 1/4 9' 1/4 10' 1/4 11' 1/4 12' 1/4Angeles Para Que te Cuiden, Uno para Cada Mes, Deberas Darselo a 12 Amigos Incluyendo a mi y en 12 Minutos Te Llegaran Buenas Noticia Hazlo con Fe.