Little Odessa

Little Odessa

The film follows the personal relationship between a father and his two sons, one of whom is a hit-man for the Russian mafia in Brooklyn.

This film tells a bitter tale of a dysfunctional family. Joshua, a cold-blooded professional killer, returns to his Brighton Beach boyhood home for a "job." He knows it will be difficult to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg K (gb) wrote: Interesting take in the evolution of money.

Blue D (it) wrote: Great movie. Shows there are other black stars than Will Smith

Vincent A (ag) wrote: A genuinely LOL movie

Brad S (fr) wrote: Nothing in this very long 76 minute mess grabbed me or rang true. The style just annoyed me. It was in the camera style of The Office or Parks & Rec with quick zoom ins and outs, but it had none of the good acting, writing or humor of those great series. I should've quit this movie halfway through when I realized I just didn't like it at all. Very disappointing from Mark Duplass. I get the kernel of the idea here, but it just didn't work on screen and especially with these actors.

Alex P (ru) wrote: funny moviemartin lawrence is great in this movie.wit a great cast.the obstacle course is

David M (jp) wrote: Well.... I just finished it. The first time I tried watching it, I had to stop. That was a few months ago. I was in a better place to watch it this time and I will watch it again fairly soon once I've digested it a bit. I now love this movie very much. The only way it could possibly have been better is if it had been shot like the movie "Boyhood", which is a "one of" and ridiculously difficult.

Andr (br) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 24.06.2002

Eric H (gb) wrote: Buy a box of tissues before you watch this film.Because this is an inspiring true-life story about a boy from the hood who makes something of himself despite many obstacles. This emotional roller coaster is a wonderful well acted and represents a terrific directorial debut by Denzel Washington, who manages to bring realism to what could have been a mainpulative storyline.

Chrystal H (br) wrote: This dark tale with actors unknown in the US bombed in theatres, but is a very beautiful and haunting work. The horror is love-based, and the natural setting seems to pad the way for Blair Witch Project many years later. Watch it cold, with no review, and remember that this is psychological and mystical, not a typical bloodbath slasher film.

Manch F (kr) wrote: Suffers from a mostly unfocused narrative and doesn't have much in terms of plot. Jabba's palace goes on way too long and the Ewoks are given too much screentime. It delivers on its great moments but they're bogged down by the film's inconsistent tone and too much is happening by the third act that it becomes nonsense. Also the cinematography for some reason looks almost made for TV. Its easily the weakest of the trilogy and weaker than the prequels.

Matt C (es) wrote: This was good fun, it's not really a film instead we have 3 short Italian horror stories, all told in the Hammer era style of heaving bosoms with a kind of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' feel to them. Boris Karloff hosts the production and appears in the central of the trio, all three stories are surprisingly quite good as well with a nice air of menace. Well worth seeking out.

Ben T (br) wrote: "Escape From Alcatraz" is an incredible prison escape movie that has fantastic characters, great drama, and great tension among its prison setting.

Stephanie G (us) wrote: Despite the lack of plot and how it seems so normal to adopt a mouse as a son, I think this movie goes beyond that. It's touching and it's simply about love, family, belonging and tolerance.