Live a Little, Love a Little

Live a Little, Love a Little

Pin-up photographer, who doesn't want to get pinned down, comes up against a girl who won't take no for an answer.

Photographer Greg Nolan moonlights in two full-time jobs to pay the rent, but has trouble finding time to do them both without his bosses finding out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Live a Little, Love a Little torrent reviews

Joe F (es) wrote: Excellent, really enjoyable.

Tom H (ru) wrote: 29.10.2010,11.02.2011,29.08.2015

Chucho E Q (kr) wrote: Roger Ebert is a sad, sad little man.This movie has one of the most compelling, interesting and fresh plotlines in LGBT films in a very long time.I picture it as a gay Charlie Bartlett... we shall se.By the way, Bruce Vilanch in the credits as someone called Uncle Daniel convinced me this is a movie I must see.

David J (de) wrote: Very funny, very gross comedy.

Bloodmarsh K (jp) wrote: Richard Tyson was far more menacing as a straight up abusive stepfather. He became less horrifying when he transformed into the wise cracking, badly done Werewolf.

James H (fr) wrote: This movie is about a bunch of low life scum drug dealers, that I could care less about. I found no interest whatsoever in the film, I can't imagine why anyone would think it would be interesting. Pointless, irritating and nasty.


Michael R (it) wrote: While I enjoyed this movie, I felt that the plot and outcome was predictable. Of course he was going to end up the girl he did, this is the way it always happens.

Taylor W (us) wrote: This was a stupid movie even a box of sticks would be better than this

Stu G (au) wrote: mediocre followup with even lower budget and worse acting.

Baris O (mx) wrote: I like Toy Story its great.

Michael D (us) wrote: probably one of the most moving documentaries i've ever seen. i don't remember the last time i cried so much... glorious and outstanding!

Stuart K (gb) wrote: Werner Herzog's second feature film after Signs of Life (1968), this was filmed on Lanzarote while Herzog was also filming The Flying Doctors of East Africa (1969) and Fata Morgana (1971). It's one of the most peculiar films ever made, very odd indeed but it does have a very engaging quality about it's bones. You won't see anything like this made again any time soon. Set in an institution on a remote island, a group of dwarves plan their revenge and escape against their keepers, who are also dwarves, their rebellion is nothing more than breaking windows and dishes, having a big food fight, getting a truck to go round and round in circles ad infinitum, set fire to flower pots, taunt some blind dwarves and other acts of cruelty to animals. That's about it, in fact, if anything, and I mean no disrespect to the dwarf cast whatsoever, but this is a horror film masquerading as a surrealist comedy. Shot in a very grainy black and white, it's basic, crude filmmaking at it's rawest. But, it works, it's haunting as well, and some images in the film will stay with you for a long time afterwards, not just the truck going round in circles, but the sound of them laughing, which feels eerie and other worldy. David Lynch would have killed for a film like this, thank god Herzog got there first, but he had more to come.

Hytham E (de) wrote: truly among the greatest films ever made!

Madeline M (au) wrote: Clift and Taylor are always worth watching together - but the rest of the movie isn't. Still, if you're interested in Montgomery Clift before and after, then this is the movie to see. But if you want something about screwed up Southern belles in the Civil War, go with Gone With the Wind or Jezebel. Clift is good, though miscast. Beyond its budget, Raintree County doesn't have much to offer.

Zach M (ru) wrote: This was an interesting ghost story that takes place in an old Prison. Some decent acting and special effects.

Greg W (mx) wrote: very funny stuff here

Mike W (gb) wrote: Michael Keaton is crazy as Beetlejuice!

Dries G (de) wrote: I know it's cliche but this one pulled at my heartstring.

Skyler B (kr) wrote: Fairly funny but mostly uninspired film, I feel. Just love that Matt Damon.