Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die

James Bond must investigate a mysterious murder case of a British agent in New Orleans. Soon he finds himself up against a gangster boss named Mr. Big.

Several British agents have been murdered and James Bond is sent to New Orleans, to investigate these mysterious deaths. Mr. Big comes to his knowledge, who is self-producing heroin. Along his journeys he meets Tee Hee who has a claw for a hand, Baron Samedi the voodoo master and Solitaire a tarot card reader. Bond must travel to New Orleans, and deep into the Bayou. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (nl) wrote: A brilliant, well-told film - but there's some moments that just make you wonder - who the hell thought 'that' would be appropriate for children???Like the bit with the 'human spinal column'... WTAF.Despite that, it's a brilliant film, made better by an unexpected plotline... well until it gets to the third act and gets pretty, well, predictahollywoodable.

Gavin P (ru) wrote: An occasionally interesting Spanish film, with Bardem putting his heart in every scene, but there's so many threads that takes ages to come to fruition. Definitely too long @ 2.5 hours, but it's basically Uxbal (Bardem) trying to help out migrants, even though it's technically illegal, look after his kids & deal with his estranged wife, manage his cancer prognosis, and also communicate with the dead/moths - how/why are never explained or explored. Drama, indeed! A quasi-happy ending, given the circumstances, but a little too disjointed and meandering to be great.

Krystin D (ca) wrote: this move is fucked and awesome

Tiina T (ag) wrote: Ei paljoa svyttnyt, tunne ji todella latteaksi, vaikka aihe on rankka.

Tay M (au) wrote: hmm...i might see this with a niece or nephew but not by myself :(

Lasse C (au) wrote: It might not be the most coherent of stories but the progression of the central character is actually interesting to watch.

Stephen E (ru) wrote: Eric Bogosian was robbed of an Oscar nomination. This is his film, and he delivers line after line of hate-filled dialogue with an unparalleled amount of force. "Talk Radio" is an absorbing film, mainly due to Bogosian's tour-de-force performance and his cynical, but truthful, screenplay, and it never fails to be interesting. Normally, films adapted from plays are tedious and boring to watch, but Oliver Stone directs with such momentum that it's hard not to get involved. Those 110 minutes flew by quicker than any film I've seen in recent memory.

Tecia M (ca) wrote: Good but kinda sad and depressing.. but Mickey Rooney as always was fantastic, I love the part when Mickey and Judy Garland sing.

Graham L (au) wrote: This movie fits snugly into quite a few's dramatic, it's funny, it's charming, it's touching, but the feeling that it's horrifying looms over the viewer the whole way. It takes a special, truly talented chef to make a dish that effectively utilizes more than two of your taste senses, in the same way it takes a truly talented director to make a movie that so effectively strikes many different emotional chords. Freaks is a true classic masterpiece among horror movies.

Jason D (kr) wrote: One of the best B-movies in film history, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers pretty much says it all in the title as a religious cult of hookers that worship the chainsaw go out and make sacrifices of their paying patrons. The cult is lead by the very monotone and boring Gunnar Hansen (though he's a bit monotone, his delivery of dialog is appropriate, and funny at times, just for its sheer corniness). The nakedness of Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley is astounding, very much worth the price of admission as those two were very hot back in the day. The film has balls; and the audacity to play itself like an episode of Columbo mixed with old school film noir movies, but when you have battling chainsaw duels or the Virgin Dance of the Double Chainsaw, it's very hard to take this film seriously. It's all in good fun though, and fun I had. Good stuff.

Aaron H (it) wrote: Complex and intelligent film exploring the nature of man and snake in a confined environment and if we really are top of the food chain!

(br) wrote: This movie did tend to be kind of stupid, but a bit intense and a bit funny, but besides that this was a lazy movie.