Live Evil

Live Evil

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Human blood is no longer fit for consumption as the vampire race slowly becomes extinct. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Live Evil torrent reviews

Johnny W (ca) wrote: Edge-of-your-seat action is shared with feel-good comedy in arguably Marvel Studio's best movie yet.

Hytham E (mx) wrote: bosnian drama with honest emotion! ..... not more!

Unfelia C (nl) wrote: great songs, brght colours and all you want of a Bollywood movie

Mahek R (fr) wrote: An awesome indie movie. Deserves to be seen!

Luis B (it) wrote: cortos muy malos y aburridos

Matthew W (mx) wrote: I love zombie movies. However, a bad zombie movie is like getting your teeth drilled at the dentist. It is painful to sit through, it can't be over soon enough, and it smells like crap. This movie, about genetically modified tree sap that has the rather upsetting side effect of turning you into a zombie if you get it in your bloodstream, takes place in what looks like Canada on an island logging camp. Here loggers and protesters battle it out for the first 15 minutes, until a logger is injured and gets the tree sap in his blood. From then on it is crappy zombie makeup, poor gore effects, horrid acting, and spastic zombies. I swear, these zombies had fire ants in their drawers. How anyone could get bitten by one of these flapping meat sacks is beyond me. The characters all have sucky judgement and deserved death. They might as well have thrown themselves on the zombies teeth they were so stupid. The box art on this little gem is so comedically awful that I almost didn't rent it. My friend suggested it, however he must have been on another herb and Nyquil bender when he saw this turd fest. Stay away at all costs. It doesn't even have camp value. 2/10

Heath C (ag) wrote: Why did it take me this long to finally watch this totally awesome movie?!!

Frances H (us) wrote: This film starts off as a serial killer flick, but rapidly becomes a biting satire about the killers attempt to manipulate the media and the law into allowing them beat the system. I loved the ending of this movie! It is right on the nose about this country's obsession with television in all of its seamiest aspects. Rather reminds me of Wag the Dog, another of my favorites. Although accused of being heavy-handed by the critics, when you are talking about tabloid TV, you can't lay it on thickly enough to rival the truth.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ryan S (ag) wrote: I may be a bit biased as this was my first Bond film, but Octopussy is my favorite Bond film. It gets a lot of hate for being too campy, but I really enjoy and the action scenes in Germany are some of the best the series has ever done.

Connor R (br) wrote: Impressive editing. Would love a longer screening. Very impressive thoughts about the concept of time.

Eddie C (ca) wrote: What a load of rubbish?? I am sorry but after 40 mins of this it was turned off if you are going to make a Monster film then make a Monster film the same with a war film this mix was just stupid and never made any sense and it was a shame because some parts of the film were well made but at the end of the day the best place for this is in the bin.