Billy Jump is electrocuted by his guitar. Alexander has his head chopped off by a samurai. And Vida is mysteriously poisoned by tapioca pudding. Then the dead randomly start coming back to life.

An 80's rock star, a corporate lackey, and an evil mother-in-law all die bizarre deaths. But when the dead suddenly start coming back to life, these three zombies find that picking up where they left off isn't as easy as they'd hoped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Livelihood torrent reviews

Asif H (us) wrote: Does not even come close to `Pumping Iron`

Casey M (nl) wrote: A fun, refreshing romantic comedy. Love Peter Dinklage in this!

Ummay B (nl) wrote: Nice house! I loved the christmas atmosphere ...

bill b (it) wrote: twillight zone with a lot of green screen shooting.i m not impressed and kinda bored

Tony L (kr) wrote: If someone offers you a free copy of "88 Minutes" to watch, ask what you have done wrong and sincerely apologize. I absolutely love Al Pacino but this movie is 10 gallons of manure crammed in a 5 gallon bucket.

Tony J (es) wrote: This sounds truly dreadful

Patricia C (us) wrote: Amusing but nowhere near as brilliant as the TV series.

Harry S (fr) wrote: I Enjoyed This. It Was A Funny Film. The Novelty Of It Kind Of Died Half Way Through.

Raine L (us) wrote: Gotta love a movie with homoerotic scenes and full frontal (male) nudity

Clay B (nl) wrote: GHOST IN THE MACHINE (1994)