A sailor takes a short leave to visit his hometown and see if his mother is still alive.

A merchant sailor returns to his home in Tierra del Fuego after spending most of his life at sea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (ag) wrote: A beautiful idea, if only we could move past the daily routine. Then maybe we could, or me I should say, could see everyday this way.

George C (fr) wrote: As Donnie Yen carries the crown of action cinema, this little gem lets him relax for a bit as he shakes off the smart, historic hero for a not-so-smart undercover cop that is rubbing up the wrong gangsters. With less flash kung fu and more realistic and brutal martial arts fighting, Special ID fits in perfectly with the action epics that are SPL and Flashpoint and holds its own as a modern day cop thriller. Directed by the eccentric Clarence Fok (Ford), who's signature weirdness and OTT moments shine throughout, you are taken on a rollercoaster of 80's HK nostalgia with some amazing stunts, fights and comedy moments that reminded me of the fantastic Tiger Cage 2, and ITLOD series... Well worth checking out!!

Brody M (au) wrote: Wish I had the $$$ these people have.

JJ F (us) wrote: This movie examines everyone's perfection, whether or not we are perfect is not in question, motives, intentions and such are what is important. Watch this film then vote, mayby you will understand that all humans are flawed in nature.

Slim t (es) wrote: A quirky teen comedy about a guy who just wants a condom..and the hottest girl in school. Fredile is pretty good here, and this is one of the few movies I like JLH in, because i feel like she doesnt get enough roles that really fit her.:)

Martin D (nl) wrote: Pretty bad movie, but it's fun to see young Jeff bridges, Sally Field, Schwarz and Robert Englund!