Lives in Flames

Lives in Flames


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Lives in Flames torrent reviews

Bindu C (it) wrote: 1983, has captured the euphoria of cricket so efficiently and effectively. It is indeed a great treat to the country that eats, drinks, breaths and sleeps cricket.The beginning note of the movie itself is power packed with the 1983 Cricket World Cup victory in the backdrop, jubilation in a remote village Brahmamangalam in Kerala, supported with great musical score in the background.Rameshan, a 10 year old boy, remained glued to the television to watch the match and the victory sparked a new passion within him for the sport. There is a beautiful scene where this boy while playing cricket along with his friends falls in the field and for the first time he notices the dew drop, its freshness and beauty. It shows how the sport and the cricket ground became the entire universe for Rameshan who started living cricket.The grown up Rameshan is played by Nivin Pauly, another great performance by him. He grew to be a great batsman who gave mesmerizing shots at the local club matches along with Pappan (Saiju Kurup), Babukuttan (Sanju), Saji (Dinesh), Prahladan (Neeraj Madhav), Mantle Johny (Kalavbhavan Prajod), Varkey, Chandru, Basheer forming the rest of the gang. Rameshan's whole focus was to practice and play matches; academics and even his love interest Manjula (played by Nikki Galrani, who looked very fresh on screen) took a back seat.Meanwhile the passage of the decades is smoothly shown through visuals of India's defeat at the world cup matches, which followed thereafter, movie poster of Chitram... Harikrishnans...on the walls, b/w television sets to colour televison sets and the historical 2011 Cricket World cup victory.A bit of drag was felt towards the end of the first half, since it seemed like the movie is shifting its focus from the main frame of sport into domestic things. It was painful to see a great player Rameshan settling down to his disillusioned father Gopi's (Joy Mathew) mechanical shop, but then also, it was delight to watch him hitting brilliant sixers during local club matches. Srinda Ashab essayed the role of his onscreen wife Susheela very naturally, innocently and certain scenes of hers were full of humour.The pace again picked up in the second half where Rameshan sees the fire in his son Kannan. There starts the journey of the father Rameshan in living his passion and I must say Nivin Pauly excelled even as a forty year old man. Vijay Menon (Anoop Menon) as a cricket coach is very impressive, who is sharp to understand the talents of the young boys, disciplined and empathetic. Rest of the movie is woven around how Rameshan chases his dreams through his son. Certain father-son moments actually gave a lump in my throat. Jacob Gregory as Sachin's namesake, though in a short frame in a cameo, creates an impact through his performance. All other supporting cast and child artists have also given great performances.Fashion Photographer turned director Abrid Shine actually shines through his debut film. A great work by him. He is flawless as a story teller with his minute detailing. Screenplay by Abrid and Bibin Chandran has elements of humour, sadness, disappointment, hope, passion, dreams, innocence, expectations, joy etc. The movie seems to be a dedication to the living legend Mr. Sachin Tendulkar whose emotional good bye speech had a message (his father's advice to him), which was - "Chase your dreams but make sure you don't find short cuts". Indeed, a beautiful message...Cinematographer Pradeesh Verma has captured the beauty of the village very nicely. Yes, it indeed seems to be part of God's own country. Editing by Manoj is also very sharp and appropriate.Gopi Sundar has done amazing music. The song "Olanajali kuruvi..." sung by P Jayachandran and Vani Jairam is so melodious. Background music is also full of life. "Thallvettam Kanumba..." is also full of positive energy.1983... a great treat to hits a sixer...

Shane K (ag) wrote: Good movie about a guy

Justin O (ca) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made. Periord. Being raped by a stone golem covered in lave would be more fun.

Nik M (es) wrote: About Schmidt is heartfelt and often sad but has a poignant storyline that is touching and even simple at times. The drama is pure and Nicholson turns in a fine performance as a man in search for purpose.

Logan G (gb) wrote: FANTASTIC MOVIE!!!!!!!!

Steffigy (de) wrote: This is one of my favorite films, but it is flawed. *hence the 3.5 star rating* What I love about this film is the romantic notion that lost souls find one another and it works- even if it wasn't meant to work forever. Seth and Marcy are misfits, broken souls... If you enjoy films like "True Romance" or "Natural Born Killers", then this might be your cup of tea. This is a love story and has moments of extreme sadness. Tourette's Syndrome is a heart breaking disorder (I have direct relations to this this disorder and know it all too well), and I think Tunney does an AMAZING job as Marcy. As I said, this isn't a perfect film, but it is one of a kind. See it.

Adam E (es) wrote: Fun enough sci fi action flick with some decent fighting and acting but nothing that blows anyone away. The fight scenes all pretty much follow the same formula of the in ring contests or short tussles outside in the street. They are all ok but have these comedy sounding punch sound effects that take away the power of them. Lots of high kicks and punchs. Its fun no doubt but there are more intense fight scenes in mortal kombat than in this. Another thing is the characters just dont have the chops. The viewer dont really care about any of them. The evil corparation man is more sleezy than evil, gary daniels is fun as always but his fighter is a bit of a wimp and just wants a hug to make him fight better and keith cooke who is a kick ass fighter but not cool or dare i say interesting enough to really care if he gets his girlfriend back. His finance is given little to do other than get kidnapped and have every bloke wanting to do her, im not sure why. All in all everything is just kinda average. A good film to bang on if you need summit in the background while you are ironing :D

Barry N (jp) wrote: When I was younger, I used to think that this and Babe were the same movie, but when you watch Gordy and Babe, they are two totally different movies. Babe is a great movie. Gordy isn't. Gordy is incredibly dumb, far-fetched, and also kind of a bore. Even kids will be bored as Gordy only talks about 25% of the movie and decides to focus on the humans who are very dull. The film has plot holes, strange moments and just some overall "what the heck did I just see" moments. Babe is how to do a talking pig film story correct. Gordy is how not to do it. In fact, I bet that could be a great thesis for film, why Babe worked and why Gordy didn't. In many words, Gordy is ridiculous, moronic, dumb, stupid, unfunny, dull, and boring. I don't know, maybe some kids liked it, but the question remains, why would you show them Gordy when you could show them Babe, or even Charlotte's Web? That remains a mystery to me. 3.0/10

Larry Y (ag) wrote: added based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Benjamin W (es) wrote: Another one of those "drug movies", but much lighter than "Requiem for a Dream" or "Trainspotting", and with a main character that you're actually rooting for to get clean. What's just a little bit funny about it is how paranoid he is . . .

Dion D (fr) wrote: Almost a companion piece to Star Wars, Raiders is both a nostalgia piece and an example of three great filmmakers (Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan) all working in sync and operating at their peak capacities. One of the greatest examples of classic '80s filmmaking.

Vedant A (ru) wrote: The best movie I have seen

Private U (jp) wrote: The oooooooooold one armed gunnie. Just hire someone else.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein attempts to deliver a faithful cinematic adaptation of the literary classic. With a strong focus on characters, the film follows an ambitious scientist whose obsession with unlocking the secret to creating life leads to his ruin and the destruction of his family. Starring Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, and Helena Bonham Carter, the film features a solid cast, but the performances are rather underwhelming. And there's no real horror or sense of foreboding to the experimentations or the Frankenstein Monster. While Mary Shelley's Frankenstein sticks fairly close to the source material, something is missing in the tone and portrayal or the characters.

David T (nl) wrote: Very amusing and clever.