Living Hell

Living Hell

Family is the source of all evil, in this aspiring horror film which traces its descent from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gore and the atmospheric Hammer films. Chiyo, an old woman and her granddaughter, Yuki, are the sole survivors of a horrendous crime which wipes out an entire family. They find solace under the roof of far-removed relatives. The family's son, confined to a wheelchair, has a terrible premonition when the two women arrive, which will be verified in the most horrifying way. Because, when the house is empty, the boy is made to suffer sadistic games at the women mercy, which become more and more violent making his life a living hell... Written by Leo Urbina

Family is the source of all evil, in this aspiring horror film which traces its descent from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gore and the atmospheric Hammer films. Chiyo, an old woman and her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Herbert C (de) wrote: Thumbs up to the details considered in this simplistic film but the element of "thriller" suspense was somewhat mild.

Gabriel B (jp) wrote: Buvo labai sunku tai 3/4ir-ti rimtai. Nuo perd-tos gausyb-s meg-jik spec. efekt (kurie filme ivis nebuvo manau reikalingi), iki teorini diskusij ir paspeliojim, kurie pateikiami vos ne kaip galimi faktai, ta?iau taip ir lieka tik id-j paviriuje, visas filmas - tai brelis "vaiduokli med 3/4iotoj" diskutuojan?i apie ateivius. Neskani sintetika, kurios tikrai nepavadin?iau rimta dokumentika.

Jc E (de) wrote: A most breathtakingly beautiful and powerful film about 8 close knit french Christian monks serving a rural community in Algeria. They continue stoically spreading their message of love to the muslim community with medicine, food and their gentle caringness. Facing adversity, they have each other for comfort. The caring brotherhood between these monks was what was so moving amazingly beautiful film that only a European film can convey. In their despair and facing martyrdom at the hands of muslim terrorist, they have each other to talk to and to receive comfort from. Together in communion with God, they focused on their selfless goal and forget their own needs.

Esther L (jp) wrote: I always like a good mystery, but what's up with the Glee-type trying-to-fit-in sideplot? It would have been more interesting if she had the help of her best friends. Nonetheless, a good attempt at reviving a classic.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Apart from Bill Murray providing the voice of the fat cat (which was rather inevitable), this is a lacklustre & aimless film

Robert B (de) wrote: Pretty good coming of age film. Some very good actors all throughout the film mostly characters actors honing their craft. Much of the film rests on Ryan Merriman who is capable. Nice effort at directing by Jason Alexander

Terry C (us) wrote: surprisingly good! JCVD 's acting was improved in this one

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: What gives this sword and sandal actioner it's real flavor is that it fairly reeks Nordic, from the locations to the accents and motivations ... you can nearly taste the history of the northern people's. ("Hmmm, it's a little rank ... ") Meanwhile the story is a typical one as a powerful baddie decides to take over by force, until a hero rises to ... I did say it was a typical story.

Kathy H (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies EVER!!!

P B (au) wrote: The kid was adorable. I expected some more from the writing though.

Dwayne B (nl) wrote: As a bullied kid myself, I have fond memories of this movie from my childhood.

Johannes R (it) wrote: 3.3.2011 Alain Resnais' ideas are fascinating, but his abilities as a director or as a storyteller are not always on par with them. This time, we have an old writer with his novel, and the characters for the first two thirds are his versions of them. Some visually inventive solutions and interesting ways of exploring psychological issues, but the issues themselves are not that fascinating and rather boring.

Josh L (nl) wrote: Sixth Best Picture Oscar. It's not bad at all.

Enaid N (it) wrote: I like the concept of this movie, but it is so stupid, I cannot bring myself to ever finish watching this.