Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

The unforgettable friendship between three people: an English teacher who travels to Almería when he hears that John Lennon is making a film there, a 16-year-old boy who has run away from home and a young girl who also seems to be running away from something.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   boy,   priest,  

Spain, 1966, a high-school English/Latin teacher, Antonio, drives to Almeria in hopes of meeting his hero, John Lennon. Along the way, Antonio picks up two runaways. The movie title, Living... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dustin G (kr) wrote: This is a terrible movie that tries to be many things and fails at every one of them.

Michelle T (ag) wrote: You got to watch this movie over and over Again

Rivi (nl) wrote: Didn't know birdwatchers are so much obsessed about it!

Sari T (es) wrote: Fascinating, dark, and very well acted. In my opinion, this movie is more an experience to live through than something you can (or should even try to) fully understand, especially the ending. And speaking as a Finn, this is a real victory and a giant step forward in Finnish film making, which tends to be less than inspired. Though sort of under used in the film, the actual idea of a sauna that could wash away the very worst of your sins is absolutely intriguing.

Ashley S (br) wrote: I watched the premiere on ABC Family

Pathrik J (ag) wrote: This is either really bad or really good. As I'm sure this is pure fake, I'll have to say, the acting sucks. Hardcore. Not scary for a second.

Josh H (ru) wrote: Not bad. A lot of crappy jokes but there were a few really funny moments. Enjoyed it

Steve A (fr) wrote: Not sure why this is rated so poorly. what part of the title doesn't say it's a big spoof? Rasulala is amazing in keeping a straight face, Teri Garr is the comedic and timeless beauty she always is. Lovitz and Jones are perfect for their roles. The scenery is out of a Dr.Suess book. There is a LOT to love about this movie but you have to give it a chance. Sure it's mindless, but so is Airplane and Airplane 2. So maybe it is for the people who are willing to take time and allow the movie to be what it is instead of expecting some kind of serious outcome. I've watched this movie almost as many times as I've watched Star Wars...(no not that chapter... chapter 4)... So I give it a thumbs up... Oh and did I mention... Teri Garr is a Timeless, Comedic Beauty?

Scott A (br) wrote: Wow, was this boring...and confusing.It starts with a group of people, five of which being some true Hollywood legends, only younger, eating dinner and then the next morning the unfamous one, admits that he was neither a guest nor invited the night before and blows his head off. Nice gore effect bt the way.The rest of the film is sometimes the direct events leading up to the dinner, sometimes the events after dealing with the Police trying to find out why he killed himself, while there is also a good deal of flashbacks to when our hostess was a younger woman.I still have zero idea why he killed himself, or why showing her younger self basically being a slut had anything to do with it.Maybe it was explained, and I was too busy watching some paint dry?I did find it interesting that our lead is played by Vanessa Redgrave and her younger self is Joely Richardson; who would later end up being mother/daughter on Nip/Tuck, but that has nothing to do with this movie.Seeing younger versions of Redgrave, Holm, Dench and Wilkinson was nice, and dang Joley was crazy gorgeous as well(still is), but I just couldn't get into the story.Maybe someone can someday respond and explain what exactly happened?

Lauren C (nl) wrote: It's not that bad but I wouldn't watch it over and over again.

Hugo V (jp) wrote: -The Face of an Angel is een 2014 Britse psychologische thriller film geregisseerd door Michael Winterbottom en geschreven door Paul Viragh, genspireerd door het boek Angel Face uit misdaad verslaggeving van Newsweek/Daily Beast schrijver Barbie Latza Nadeau. De filmsterren Kate Beckinsale, Daniel Brhl, en Cara Delevingne.De film is gebaseerd op het echte levensverhaal van Amanda Knox die ervan werd beschuldigd van de moord op Meredith Kercher in 2007.-Ontvangst:-De film ontving negatieve beoordelingen. Op rotte tomaten, het heeft een 37% score gebaseerd op 46 beoordelingen.