Living on One Dollar

Living on One Dollar

How do 1.1 billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day? Four young friends set out to research and live this reality. Armed with only a video camera and a desire to understand, they spend just 56 dollars each for 56 days in rural Pena Blanca, Guatemala. They battle E.Coli, financial stress, and the realization that there are no easy answers. Yet, the generosity and strength of their neighbors, Rosa, Anthony and Chino gives them resilient hope. They return home transformed and embark on a mission to share their new found understanding with other students, inspiring and challenging their generation to make a difference.

How do 1.1 billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day? Four young friends set out to research and live this reality. Armed with only a video camera and a desire to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kace C (fr) wrote: I Can Quit Anytime I Want [Italy, 2014] Started slow, landed abruptly. Visual pleasure satisfied. 7/10

Sam B (it) wrote: This movie targets conservatives who want to believe that global warming is a lie in the first place, this just gives them a reason to indoctrinate their children at the movies. One of the interviews in the movie ( if you can call it that) was a angry redneck saying how great C02 were for the environment and people, however if thats the case why did the Apollo 13 have an air filter built just to protect astronauts from the good gas, and why do people commit suicide by C02. This is the type of basic logic Conservatives and this movie miss, you have to have very little brain power and an ability to believe any BS that comes your way to buy into this garbage. It's also a total misunderstanding of what Global warming, does and what it is. Conservatives believe global warming is when the earth gets hot and makes your feet warm, which is of course and argument made by fools. The fact is their ARE dwindling polar bear populations and there is a hole in the Ozone layer in the South pole, anyone who read a National geographic in the last THIRTY years knows these things. I am sorry I can't be nice about this, you have to be stupid to find this movie informative.

Liane M (ru) wrote: Great analogies, examples and explanations of basic economic principals and the effect they have on the country and it's citizens.

Jridged (kr) wrote: A convoluted plot filled with lots of DCU cameos and references but with little identity of its own. The fact that I hate the character designs doesn't help either.

Jose C (us) wrote: Girl knows monty python

David L (kr) wrote: Filmed on location during actual pre- and post-combat periods, "Under the Bombs" could almost be a documentary for all the realism it captures in its quest to show the impact of religious warfare on innocent civilians.

Andrew W (jp) wrote: This is pure shit. Do not waste your time. This isn't even worth looking at from a scholarly point-of-view. Trash. Politically-slanted non-historical trash.

Paul B (fr) wrote: baby the stars shine bright

Andriy M (ca) wrote: Nice music, pretty girl, good dynamics. Otherwise it's a romantic/gangster copy of the "Groundhog Day" (1993).

Matthew T (br) wrote: What should be properly described as a ripping Yarn, this swashbuckler is a lot of fun. Daniel Auteuil is great as Lagarder and Fabrice Luchini is awesome as the scheming and bizarrely menacingly, simpering Gonzague. Check it out, it's light, but sometimes that's what you want after a hard day at work.

Louis M (nl) wrote: The maniac cop is back in one swashbuckling horror sequel that will keep u on the edge of a roller coaster ride.


Laurel S (us) wrote: I think that I have seen this....but I can't really remeber.

Hiromi N (it) wrote: It is known as a erotic movie in Japan. BGM is original. It's too unique atmosphere to remember the contents. I don't recommend it anyone, but I want to talk to someone who watched this.

Steve G (jp) wrote: It's not hard to find star power in this film. A likable enough caprice. In my head, I couldn't help but hear Eddie Murphy singing, "we gotta win this race!"What the heck! I'm watching the ending here, and after the lightest of movies, everybody's almost dying!!! I can't handle it."With a pre-fat Presley... Ann-Margret, and no fewer than 12 songs on the soundtrack, how could Viva Las Vegas help but reap a fortune at the box office?"

jay n (kr) wrote: Very minor reworking of Ninotchka with Hope and Kate, whose accent is all over the place, sharing little to no chemistry. The script is weak but if Cary Grant, her best costar, had appeared in this as originally planned it might not have been a classic but because of their rapport a much better film than it is.

Kenny V (kr) wrote: I forgot just how good and heartbreaking Limelight is. Absolutely magnificent and the teaming of Keaton and Chaplin is priceless.

Dolores H (ca) wrote: The trailer does not do this film any justice! It was hilarious and clever. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially Chris Pratt! Second time: Emma 10/10. Lucy 10/10. Charlotte 10/10.

Yahya A (mx) wrote: John Wayne is such a badass! Great classic, fine story and great performance.