Lizard Boy

Lizard Boy

If you were a brilliant geneticist, working on a secret government genetic engineering project, and your fiancee dumped you because your sperm were not viable, what would you do to resolve your mid-life crisis? Dr. Gino Conti creates his own son by combining reptilian and human DNA, but discovers fatherhood an extraordinary challenge when his son's anger management issues include eating people.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:b movie,   g string,  

If you were a brilliant geneticist, working on a secret government genetic engineering project, and your fiancee dumped you because your sperm were not viable, what would you do to resolve ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elvis D (au) wrote: The real shining star of this movie is actress Natasha Blasick. She's so beautiful but a little freaky for reasons that become clear as the plot unfolds. She's caught up in a crazy family situation that calls to mind movies like DaVince Code and Rosemary's Baby. To be honest it can't compete production wise with big budget Hollywood movies; there's a hilarious moment where a bad guy puts on a pig's head and looks stupid. He must be proud But there's real issues that are dealt with, stuff that's really happening and never gets reported except in rare cases like that german guy who kept his daughter locked in his basement. For the subject matter and especially for the arrival of Natasha Blasick, who I hope to see more of, Death Of Evil gets my thumbs up.

Mike L (br) wrote: Commercial film. Everything technically on high level - decoration, costumes, camera and actor's work. But target is missed. There is luck of sense. Good example of author did'n know what he want to say or explore or ask. But if you decided to spend time - wait until the end. last few second are real touch. 5/10

Ryan H (us) wrote: It's tough to get past the headache-inducing cinematography. I can deal with it in some mumblecore films, but this one was too over the top. There are shots that like to go completely out of focus then come back in while constantly moving around. It's fine when it's subtle, but everything was done too heavy handed. Perhaps Jay Duplass knows this and that's why this was the only feature he shot. Other than that, I still had quite a few problems with the film, but it also does some great things. It does a great job by not trying to be too gimmicky with the mixing of the horror and mumblecore genres. They also stay away from cliches, like having Matt and Michelle hook up even after he promises Chad he won't sleep with her. I thought it was comedic seeing the characters watch the indie film "We Are Naked." It seems like there are so many indie films that have characters get naked for no apparent reason. They go back to that as a joke when Michelle takes her top off when she thinks Matt comes into her room. I really liked the Matt and Chad characters as well. The actors pull off the special bond between each other really well. The scene when Matt tells Chad he won't sleep with Michelle works well because it ends with him trying to boost Chad's self-esteem. I found myself smiling and charmed by this scene. I even loved the end when they are hugging each other and Chad finds a way to forgive Matt simply by seeing how bad Matt feels. The big downfall is how much I hated both female characters. Michelle and Catherine were just dumb. Perhaps it was their performances, but they just felt like cliche characters. Michelle is the stupid wannabe actress girl who goes off her desires rather than what's logical. Oh, and Greta Gerwig always seems drunk, whether she's tired, awake, or actually drunk. Was she the whole time? It would make sense why her drunk scenes were so bad; it would be a drunk girl trying to act drunk. Perhaps Gerwig needs a strong place to go and not wander off on her own, because I thought she was pretty good in Greenberg but atrocious in this. Elise Muller was close to unwatchable. What was up with her lip gloss? Is she 15? And the whole point of her character is to think she and Matt are soul mates so that it amps up the psychological elements in the horror scenes. Was it her or wasn't it? I never felt like either girls were genuine like I did in The Puffy Chair. They were simply plot devices to move the story forward. And even when they were trying to be funny, I didn't laugh once. The twist should be pretty obvious from the start. The baghead was a dream from Gerwig that she mixed up when she vomited, and the other characters portray the baghead to get their way. It's a good idea, but not covered up too well. Maybe if the characters started coming up with alternative motives for the baghead then we would get a sense of something going on. But as is, I never thought the baghead was actually dangerous. Matt runs after him with a baseball batt, but when he pulls out a knife Matt drops the batt and runs away. Really? He was so brave and ready to take him out. I knew either he was in on something going on, or this movie just got really stupid. I'm glad it wasn't the latter. That makes it a little better, I guess. I really like the way the movie ties together as well by bringing Jett Garner back into the mix and his first scene at the screening of his film makes sense. I think Baghead finds a start to making a good movie, but doesn't quite succeed due to some major flaws in the logic and characters. I'm glad the Duplass brothers evolved after this film and didn't go into a downward spiral.

Pavandeep S (nl) wrote: I highly enjoyed this film, it was generic in its topics but refreshing in its situations, it really had some of the finer acting I have seen in a while and I like how information is displayed in bits and portions and where we really explore the emotions at that very time, in real time.

Lindsey W (gb) wrote: Can't stand Lindsay Lohan anymore...can't watch it.

JFloyd3 W (fr) wrote: For a young bunch of 'recognizables' their acting is not as bad as reported.. the narratve, for the younger folks, is also not as predictible as it is for the older ones.. at least originally set in Brazil with pretty good cinematography.. of course I seldom watch these kinds of films - even on TV (to protect myself).. obviously presents a very bleak picture of travelling in a third world country.. this at least seems better than many...

Mitchell P (it) wrote: This film is classified as a horror, it is not remotely scary, however, its one of the few films you sit there and this ?What the f**k is going on.? You sit there, bewildered, challenging yourself to watch it to the end just so when people say " The worst film i ever saw" you can beat them at shit film top trupms. The beginning seams ordinary enough, then Christopher Lloyd walks in and sanity says ?Well I?m off, Cya.? I know it is meant to be scary and freaky but it is essentially a test to see how many non logical images the human mind can take before going mental. Quicksilver Highway would be an incredibly enjoyable film to watch if you were higher than a choir boy?s voice after priest had just given him first communion. It's not the worst film in the world but if you are planning on watching it, take drugs, its for the best.

Tristan G (ru) wrote: As far as Bruce LaBruce films go, this one is certainly one of his more adventurous. Ironically, despite the rather explicit and disturbing subject matter, this is one of his least sexually explicit.

Jitendragiri G (kr) wrote: Excellent anothrt from master - mani Ratnam - Beautiful everything in film - particularly Manisha at that time .wow. what a beauty..!!

Rahul B (it) wrote: One of the lighter and fun-filled films to come out of French New Wave and Godard... its delightful... surprising... Godardesque .... stunningly beautiful Cinema breaking the laws of Cinema... As the characters say"I don't know if its a tragedy or a comedy but it is a masterpiece" ....

Ayrton Anthony C (nl) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0Una pelcula tan sobre-valorada que tuvo que recurrir a la nostalgia para recoger buenas crticas - y unas cuantas nominaciones al scar - , aunque an as sigue siendo un film esencial para los fanticos del cine.

Henry P (es) wrote: Hello children (and adults). Today, I will tell you about a movie that accurately depicts a divorce (To my limited knowledge on the subject) accurately. So we kick off with actor Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) doing a voice-over for a cartoon that he quits on when his conscience makes him unable to follow the script. It is here we see Hillard/Williams' voice skills that play a major role later on in the movie. After storming out, he picks his kids up from school: Lydia (Lisa Jakob), Chris (Matthew Lewis), and Natalie (Mara Wilson). It's Chris's birthday, but he can't have a party (According to mommy). Daniel decides to just throw caution to the wind and throw a party that ends with mommy Miranda Hillard (Sally Field) storming in, pulling the plug (literally a plug) and telling Daniel she wants a divorce. After that, we see them in court, and the parents separate, leaving the kids shocked and confused. It's something many children across the United States and the world are put through, and a some of you reading this may have experienced that or something similar. However, (to my knowledge) no one has ever experienced having their loving father transform himself into a woman and become the nanny for his children to spend more time with them because he is limited to Saturday visitations because mommy got custody and has to work and provide. The Hillard kids experience just that. The result is one of Robin Williams' most hilarious roles ever as he (and she) navigate the pitfalls of divorce and leading a double life. There were a lot of hints that Mrs. Doubtfire really was Daniel that Miranda should have picked up on immediately (Like her knowing the way around the kitchen so well on first visit), which isn't even realistic depiction of humanity's inattentional blindness (People's real-world flaw that makes them notice details and not entire memories in video form) in real life scenarios. A month is glossed over in hilarious montages, which work out. As for the climax, well, let's just say that we see real-life consequences of leading a double life that superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man somehow avoided in all their various media. Howard Shore provides a soundtrack that's there, but the prince of noise is songs about women (Like Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady) that reference Daniel's real identity. The king is actually just no soundtrack of any kind to exemplify humiliation or just plain awkward events. Mrs. Doubtfire proves her worth as a nanny (and a movie), Daniel Hillard proves his love for his children, and Robin Williams (God rest his soul) proves his worth as an actor playing both previously mentioned characters in an unforgettable performance for the ages!