Llamando a un ángel

Llamando a un ángel

A wrong phone number intertwines three stories.

A wrong phone number intertwines three stories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Llamando a un ángel torrent reviews

Hael C (ru) wrote: very bad situations and rough life. I was hoping that Jolene end up with a happy ending.

Ra I (ru) wrote: Great flick. Actually has a plot even if it was openly stolen off Heart of Darkness. Some great one-liners.

Corey n (ru) wrote: This is a movie that is part comedy, part romance and part WWII story. The film stars Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers. The story is at the beginning of WWII. Grant plays a reporter that is investigating a story on a Austrian Baron Von Luber that might have ties to the Nazi's. His way in is to the Baron's fiance played by Ginger Rogers. Grant and Rogers have great chemistry. They were both very charming and funny in their roles. The romance in this is the big point of the film. But there are many funny parts in the film. Plus some serious parts like the war and when Rogers character helps a Jewish family escape the Nazi's. They seem to blend all aspects to make for a good movie. I was even impressed that the Nazi's spoke German in the film and they didn't dumb it down for the audience by making them all speak English. A solid entertaining movie overall. A must see for any Cary Grant or Ginger Rogers fan.

Glynn T (ca) wrote: Tom Cruise as Reacher?! Horrible! Too short, too pretty, wrong clothes. The books are great.....

ChrisPC123 (jp) wrote: surprisingly sincere and funny film

Michael O (us) wrote: Literally my favorite movie of all time. Every action and word means something. It is visually stunning and perfectly casted. I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it.