Lo contrario al amor

Lo contrario al amor

An on-again/off-again couple lays out their ideas on how their relationship should work.

An on-again/off-again couple lays out their ideas on how their relationship should work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryann P (de) wrote: Just watched this movie and I seriously wish I could get back the last 2 hours of my life. Worst acting I've ever seen, especially the Asian girl. I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Don't waste your time.

Caius C (au) wrote: I didn't think it was possible, but it somehow was. Here is my official selection for this years worst movie. There were plenty of contenders, and its not even the end of the year, but here we are. This is without a doubt the most cliche ridden, most ridiculously stupid, overacted and just down right retarded movie ever. Circus folk getting superheroes isn't too new, but the way the trailer depicted it, it made it look like a dark, and intense action movie. Its the complete opposite.The overdone action scenes, that come complete with Michael Bay style explosions, lots of yelling and horrific dialogue seriously made me want to slam my head on the chair in front of me. HK's attempt to keep up with Hollywood by going for more CGI and explosions, is pathetic to say the least, and downright humiliating for the thousands of Hong Konger's who watch this.And the acting. Oh dear lord, I haven't seen this much overacting in my entire life. Every member of the cast goes overboard with the tears, and the crying, and the pouting, and yadda yadda yadda. It was just horrible to watch.What should have been a fast paced action movie, gets slowed down by unnecessary love stories between all the characters. Its just so melodramatic and unappealing. Some parts of the movie also seem more like forced comedy then action. The main character acts partly like a retard, and then at the end, is trained to be some sort of hero. Not only is this unbelievable, its downright impossible. Also impossible is the amount of coincidental meetings and appearances that are all necessary to keep the story moving forward. If the writers thought this was the way to keep the movie going, then either they've never seen a movie before, or they just have no common sense.For the sake of sanity, do yourself a favor. Don't watch this movie. This is an example of film-making at its absolute worst, and by watching it, you're only causing damage to your own brain, and adding more money to the pockets of the producers and studio heads.

Andy P (ca) wrote: There is no hope, no profound message just the cruel reality of the two main characters' bleak and hopeless lives, who are exceptionally well played.

Richard C (kr) wrote: A few laughs are spread throughout, mainly for the high school crowd, but the ending does make up for some of the predictable 2nd act. Not enough to redeem the movie, but enough for a watch on a lazy day.

Andie W (gb) wrote: Like I said in another rating... I like the sports movies, and I have no idea why!

Bronwyn V (nl) wrote: As National Lampoon's go its pretty funny, typical silly plot, Jon Bon Jovi did a pretty good job, considering he was attempting comedy & definately very good to look at for the whole movie

Isadore H (it) wrote: A film filled with strong acting from everyone in it about one of the worst genocides ever in history. I was constantly interested in the plot of the film, I was not alive when this event took place, but heard about it often. The acting was really good like I said, especially Don Cheadle and Nick Nolte. Joquanin Pheonix was in this too, but essentially as a cameo, and I was interested in his character and would've liked to see more of him. The biggest issue with the movie I had was that it felt a little long and drawn out to me, but it was never that bad, I just feel like 10-15 minutes could've been sliced off and the film would've been just as good. Hotel Rwanda is a good time, and an eye opening experience.

Nodar S (kr) wrote: Don't care. I still like it.

HoT StReAk BlOnDe (de) wrote: very gud by the jon hess

Cesar M (gb) wrote: This is the movie that began my interest in independent films. It was slow, quiet, thoughtful and realistic and I love the use of the desert in telling the story.

Sue P (kr) wrote: good film, shame for her, she shouldnt have been hung

Bill B (gb) wrote: Jim Hutton uses astral projection to seek revenge on the people who wrongly imprisoned him for murder, with escalating consequences. I was mostly curious about this one for Hutton, who I've enjoyed in a ton of other comedy stuff, but whose career apparently kinda nose-dived in the later years.It's an enjoyable (if oddball) watch, but I'd say it's worth a peep just for the hell of it.Rental?

John A (au) wrote: Criterion Collection Blu-Ray

Ian C (de) wrote: Akira Kurosawa's film Yojimbo is transferred to a Texas border down in Walter Hill's remake. Stranger Bruce Willis pits his wits against the local Irish and Italian boot leggers. Some serious over the top shoot outs and Christopher Walken is the balls as Hickey.

Silvy V (mx) wrote: I am actually quite surprised and don't understand why people here arebeing so negative about Mortdecai. Regardless of a bit confusing storyline, but I do enjoy the absurdness, sillyness, and surreality they build in the movie. Their comical & hyper reality character as well as storyline design are absurd yet entertaining in unique way. And all with the top class actors and actresses.So why that bad, reviewers? I've seen a lot worse than this ??

Emod L (au) wrote: 28%Watchable only by comedic so-bad-it's-good means, The Spirit is a trashy superhero film with visuals we've all seen before.

Emily D (jp) wrote: Goofy (those 80s special effects) but fun.

Raskol N (ag) wrote: Forse il film pi brutto che abbia visto al cinema negli ultimi dodici mesi!!Un'idea molto carina rovinata al momento della realizzazione. Regia da overdose di cannabis, recitazione imbarazzante per una buona met del cast, fotografia a tratti ok, a tratti becera del becero pi bieco; della colonna sonora meglio non parlare... Ma la chicca vera la sceneggiatura. Un soggetto interessante ridotto a un'interminabile supplizio di dialoghi idioti, assoluta mancanza di senso dell'humour, pilloloni indigesti di retorica della guerra disseminati qua e l, che non saprei come definire se non: ridicoli; e una tale goffaggine nella caratterizzazione ed evoluzione dei personaggi da rendere il film la parodia di se stesso. Insomma guardo il film e invece di vedere il film vedo la troupe che lo sta girando, e la vedo goffa e tristemente priva di genio. Consigliata allo sceneggiatore una villeggiatura di un mesetto appeso per gli alluci in qualche cantina silenziosa. A voi che leggete invece consiglio di risparmiarvi i soldi del biglietto!