Jason Boyer is a loose-cannon special agent brought in by a narcotics task force to bring down De La Cruz crime family lieutenant Bobby Leoni. A rising star in the criminal underworld, Leoni excels at drug trafficking, a skill offset only by his weakness for the fairer sex, most notably the trophy wife of his crime lord boss,

Jason Boyer is a loose-cannon special agent brought in by a narcotics task force to bring down De La Cruz crime family lieutenant Bobby Leoni. A rising star in the criminal underworld, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (it) wrote: Or the One Where The Drug War is Compared to The Vietnam War and a Video Game...Even though Matthew Cooke's 2013 documentary about the drug war in America often gets lost in its own premise of portraying the drug war in America to a videogame, the content is so strong you can overlook this. Thanks to interviews from ex-drug dealers, ex law enforcement officials, and analysts who expertise in America's war on drugs, there's a lot of material for Cooke to cover, and he is apt to handle it. It doesn't cover much ground that a superior documentary, 2012's The House I Live In, hasn't already covered. However, if this is a subject you're interested in, Cooke does a great job of rallying troops and inspiring the converted.Unfortunately, Cooke doesn't give the audience much to do about this. You might be infuriated by the injustice of it all, but what are you supposed to do? If anything, Cooke overwhelms you with the feeling that everything is too big for you to handle. Perhaps if Cooke had offered some solution other than to "legalize it" and spend the money on poverty, we would know what we could do. But that's not really his job. He does his job relatively well. He entertains and educates.Unfortunately, there's not as much entertainment as there could have been. I found his premise to be a little tiresome, but was enjoying the material enough that I bore through it. Thankfully, the last third of the film is far superior to everything before it, that it rewards your persistence.

(fr) wrote: Cast: Harry Eden, Molly Parker, Keira Knightley, Vinnie Hunter, David Wenham, Nitin Ganatra, Levi Hayes, Rupert Procter, Bronson Webb, Kate Ashfield, Marsha Thomason, Tyler Smart, Geraldine McEwan, Gary Lewis Director: Gillies MackinnonSummary: In the wake of his father's untimely death, 10-year-old Paul (Harry Eden) must become the man of the house, caring for his younger brother and sick mother Mel (Molly Parker). When bullies taunt Paul by calling his mother a junkie, the boy soon realizes that the medicine he has been preparing for her is really heroin. Keira Knightley appears as a crack-addicted waitress in this bleak family drama set in West London.My Thoughts: "It's very rare when you get a film that is so spot on with addiction and the tribulations it causes not only the person with the addiction, but also for their families. The little boy Harry Eden was very good in this film. A great young talent to take on such a harrowing character. Some of the scenes that take place are a bit shocking. For instance, when Paul is preparing his mother's "medicine", at least that is what he believes it to be. Another is when Mel is on the bus with her two son's and her friends daughter. I was shocked and furious at what Mel does, but also relieved a bit. I won't say what happens, but for those who have seen the film you will understand. The film is gritty and raw and leaves nothing off the table when showing the honest glimpse in the life of an addict and a little boy desperately trying to hold whats left of his family together. All the performances are fantastic. This is one to see."

Grant H (ag) wrote: Pretty bad movie. Not the funniest, not the smartest, but its faithfulness to the original cartoon with a great performance from Nielsen save this from being incredibly terrible.

Al P (jp) wrote: U havent seen Little Odessa?

Fady K (jp) wrote: 8/10 Highlighted by a memorable cast with great chemistry, Addams Family Values is a fun and mischievous comedy for all ages. On the topic of the Addams Family, it would be nice to see more comedies like this in this day and age.

Adam W (ca) wrote: Lets be realistic here the film has Jim Caveizel in it,After realising that you wont be suprised discovering its B-movie dog shit..

Katy D (it) wrote: A brilliant and highly original film which explores the hidden ape found within us all. Beautiful, funny and shocking at times - expert storytelling and an amazing cast, including some excellent cameo performances. Go and see this film if you can - it's a genius piece of work and wonderfully leftfield in its approach.