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Ashlee S (fr) wrote: I found this soo scary, i dont find many films scary, for e.g I was told 'Conjuring' was the most scary film ever by a lot of people but it didnt scare me at all. This is slow moving to start with and kind of annoying the way it's filmed in documentary style (so camera shaking around a lot) but once it gets going you can kind of see how effective filming it that way is as makes it feel more real. When i saw how many stars it was rated, I was going to watch another but something about this appealed and i definitely got the scare I was looking for and more!

Vicky W (gb) wrote: really funny, worth watchin....

John M (es) wrote: I had no idea what i was expecting. But plenty of action, plenty of insanity. This was one of the most intriguing films ive seen in a long long time.

Niklas S (ag) wrote: From the guy that wrote Blade Runner. Not as good at all but still a good storyline. Gary Sinise is great and should leave CSI and make movies again.

Iggy A (de) wrote: loved this flick, I sure miss Sean Connery

Greg W (br) wrote: this si the first pic i know of in 1968 with an openly gay character

Christian Q (es) wrote: Not really my kind of movie

Alexander Z (jp) wrote: It's almost a so bad it's good movie, but about 45 minutes in it starts to become so bad it's bad.

Jbells16 B (ru) wrote: I love this timeless classic movie.

Kevin Y (gb) wrote: Unfortunately, the costuming is the best thing in this film.

Mike H (kr) wrote: This is a great movie.

Tootsie K (ca) wrote: Bela is awesome as always. Fantastic set for being low budget. I believe it is the first zombie movie. Not so scary, but more atmospheric.

Kyal B (ru) wrote: Costner gives a fantastic performance in this entertaining, but ultimately predictable court drama

Ruthie R (ag) wrote: I just can't. Only a quarter of the way in and it's especially bad after just watching the first one. Its so incredibly the opposite of it and is grossly masculine. I'm not about to sit through another hour and a half of it.

Adam R (kr) wrote: A phenomenal film that anybody can enjoy. It's touching and inspiring. (First viewing - Spring 1999 in theaters)

Sean N (br) wrote: As much as this film has been bashed by critics and fans alike, The Ledge is actually a decently acted and well cast film with plenty of turns and interesting religious debates that keep audiences entertained and the movie worth-watching. If anything it's definitely worth giving a shot.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: La historia de los ltimos 50 aos en el mundo de la msica.