Five close friends, all of them married, share a loft to meet their mistresses. One day they find the body of a young woman in the loft. Since there are only five keys to the loft, the five men begin to suspect each other of murder.

Five close friends, all of them married, share a loft to meet their mistresses. One day they find the body of a young woman in the loft. Since there are only five keys to the loft, the five men begin to suspect each other of murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mabel B (gb) wrote: A great family movie with a story line. Loved it!

Zachary C (es) wrote: always love paul giamatti

FiV (de) wrote: Extremely well written and very well executed production. Wonderful cast really makes this film and Cruz blew me away without a sign of warning. To see Fiennes and Scott side by side for the first time since the English Patient was also quite rewarding - they achieve any kind of dynamic with such facility... I'd even disagree about the film being too predictable - I think for the most part, it's well placed and followed up on plot advances that pace this film without making it too predictable up until the point. The last 30-40 mins are easy to tell but that's because the plot is already largely finished. Besides, the plot of this film is not its focus, which is probably one of the best points to be made... Anyway, I think I'll come back to this work once or twice more before putting it back on the shelf...

Paul B (nl) wrote: Obviously low budget thriller. Not all that bad, entertaining enough. Worth sitting down to kill some time. Bonus for being done at Cultus Lake.

Jameson P (nl) wrote: Waking Life (2001): This movie's unique visual style is it's greatest quality. The whole film was shot with mini DV camcorders and edited together. Then a group of artists created 2D computer animation on top of every scene, exaggerating certain features in characters' faces, and taking liberties with the atmosphere's perspective. It just looks crazy. It's both dreamlike and sickening. I love the basis of the story. A young man is unable to escape his dreams and begins a search for himself in order to get back to waking life. I was pumped with the anticipation of having my mind blown. But mid-way through the movie I felt so lost. Waking Life is filled with about 10 extensive, philosophical lectures which made the movie almost completely inaccessible for me. I'm beginning to think Linklater had a couple drinks with some philosophy and psychology majors and let the cameras roll while they rattled off a bunch of quotes, book references, and theories. Each scene seems to be devoid of any real idea. But isn't that what makes it so surreal? I don't know if Waking Life is genius, or just pretentious. 8/10 for that animation! (and a few interesting thoughts)

Adrian D (jp) wrote: A cute but heartbreaking look at a young woman's dreams and the longing to please her family which threatens to destroy them.

Phil S (mx) wrote: Very, very cheesy... With a clumsy, but well meaning message about racism. Not bad, very watchable, even if the effects look mostly dated even for 1985, although it does have a few stand out shots. But the films main credit must be an amazing performance from Louis Gossett Jr. Virtually unrecognisable under some amazing makeup, although his accent lapses into some earthy familiarity, the visual manerisms and ticks are impressive, heck he even has to cross the sexes....sort of.... Very convincing performance. Not bad.

Carlos M (it) wrote: A delicate and deeply resonant melodrama like only Fassbinder could have made, telling with plenty of honesty a simple but objective love story centered on revolting matters like prejudice and racism - problems relevant even today when it comes to immigrants in Europe.

d h (kr) wrote: Funny how such a simple little setup can go such a long way. (Stay tuned during the closing credits for "the recipe.")

Matt J (jp) wrote: One of my Child hood favourites that I still love now

Michael H (br) wrote: A very well made heist film which focuses mostly on the planning of the heist and very little on the execution. The exploration of Bob the Gambler's character and how he relates to the criminals, dames, and cops in his life is fascinating with careful slow development.

Nick D (mx) wrote: Inspired acting from an amazing cast. ???

Jeff T (au) wrote: Sean Connery is at it again! Driving buggies around and what have you.

Federico L (mx) wrote: Good plot, mediocre drama

Peter C (nl) wrote: A simple and engaging plot, plenty of death and evil that doesn't overcomplicate the story with notions of reason. very old testament

P R (de) wrote: A good "Sunday afternoon movie"

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Considered a classic (& the only screenplay by Ebert!). Definitively ahead of it's time, the ideas just weren't properly utilized by the director or this might have been considered ground breaking art.

Jono M (jp) wrote: This is an okay film. Even though it isn't quite as emotional or engaging as it wants to be, it's worth watching to see Michael Caton's performance as a man with incurable cancer. He absolutely kills it as 'Rex'. My least favourite part was Emma Hamilton as 'Julie', as the character's relationship with Rex felt rushed and some poor acting produced a couple of cringe-worthy moments.