Logodnicii din America

Logodnicii din America


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jalyn v (ca) wrote: In this movie, three things that happened were Ricky argued with Arlene because she wanted to him out of the house, Mr. Simonet was straight with Arlene about his history like her son, and the gang boys stabbed knife in Trevor then he was dead. He died because his friend was in a fight and Trevor tried to help him at the end.I like this movie because it was good because it is heart - touching. It is a true story. Pay it forward is a good idea. The themes in the story are Arlene was drunk too often and Trevor didnt like it. He always told her many time but she was still stubborn. Few days later, she stopped drinking, Mr. Simonet was talking to Trevor about pay forward it and calling back his mom because she wanted to talk him but he dont want. Then, she went to Mr. Simonets house and she totally understood how he felt. Ricky, Trevor's dad, was arguing with Arlene because she wanted to him out of the house and he was mad that Trevor wont talk to him because he was scared

Xander J (kr) wrote: Brilliant charming whimsical!

Matt M (fr) wrote: Coming of age flick set in Dublin at the start of the century, mainly about a chunky girl's love story with the star of the rugby team that strangely returns her affections. Sometimes charming, this film is nothing special and doesn't stand out from the numerous other films of the kind that suffer from excess of comforting predictability.

Westin R (br) wrote: Excellent. Easy to mistake many shots for archive footage. Cinematography, music, and story are refreshing. A great window into guerilla warfare, colonialism, and resistance.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: Senegalese anti-colonialism film. Not really a very entertaining film, but has a strong message and the ending is quite powerful.

Uncle Steve (fr) wrote: God bless Curtis LeMay

Scott J (gb) wrote: I think we have to resign ourselves to the fact that we're only going to get one good Lucky McKee movie.

Vinny M (mx) wrote: sooooooooooooooo good